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Are you ready for YOUR journey?

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Are you ready for YOUR journey?

Are you ready for YOUR journey?



25 Responses

  1. Rachel Purcell says:

    Sian Bridie James Branscombe it’s so sooooooon

  2. Angus Jamie Vanderslott says:

    Love the quick grammatical save there, guys! Can’t wait to arrive in a few hours!

  3. Beth Cowling says:


  4. Thomas Bennett says:

    Charlie Stanley Tommy Finch fancy meeting royal blood?

  5. Nathan McLaren-Stewart says:

    Give us all the bloody set times or make an android app!

  6. Marie Hackney says:

    Not going this year,went last year it was amazing. Have a grate to everyone that’s going this stay safe remember to take bog roll. 🙂 xx

  7. Matthew Hurley says:

    Shaun Finbarr Swann just incase you need a reminder 😉

  8. Megan Anita Wynn says:

    I ordered 2 white parking passes but only one arrived!! Can I get one there?!?!

  9. Sophie Mulrooney says:

    Omg 😀 soooo excited Chloe Thomas Bobby Murphy

  10. Róisín Forde says:

    Is there an app for Reading festival because I can’t seem to find it on the app store??

  11. Dale Melita says:

    Naomi Dickson 😛 xxx

  12. Chantal Malan says:

    Nay Elizabeth Grant yeah buddy!

  13. Scott Boyd says:

    You guys have a good sense of humour 😉 haha.
    See you tomorrow !

  14. Princess Fiona says:

    Woohooooo !

  15. Brad McGuinness says:

    Is early entry open yet?

  16. Clare Leah says:

    Almost there!!!!

  17. Isha Little says:

    Don’t think sun cream is needed!

  18. Michelle Crossley says:

    Tom Crossley!!

  19. Emily O'sullivan says:

    Nelen Sophia Scambler

  20. Dan Bear Taylor says:

    Why would they put all the times up when they can over charge you to find out when you’re there haha

  21. Dean Squires says:

    April Sevieri Amy Wright Josie Arnold not long nowwww!

  22. Jenny Fielder says:

    Samantha Corr – you’ve forgotten step 1

  23. Jay Bennett says:

    Alex Bennett

  24. David Levers says:

    And catch pneumonia in the process

  25. Bobby Brittin says:

    Louis Sanderson

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