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Are you going?

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Are you going?

Are you going?


25 Responses

  1. Ryan Hudson says:

    Hell yeah

  2. Farah Barry says:

    I’d do anything!!!

  3. Sophie Pedriks says:

    Damn straight Ben Mandius

  4. Sagi Levanon says:

    I wish… 🙁
    Maybe next year

  5. Cameron Austin says:

    am i going?? fucking hell to the yes i’m going!!

  6. Callum Hewitt says:

    What’s the percentage of tickets dispatched?

  7. Seb Christensen says:

    Ema Phillips SO CLOSE!! 😀

  8. Kieran Garvey says:

    If my ticket arrives.

  9. Sam Harrison says:


  10. Liam Fletcher says:

    not long now! Ben Ellard

  11. Jeffrey Sam Thompson says:

    Yeah first time going got ticket through post today so Excited

  12. Heather Jacinta Jennings says:

    Not anymore 🙁

  13. Lewis Granger says:

    Yeah if I ever get my tickets through the post.

  14. James Ingleton says:

    Yes. I am.

  15. Brian Houghton says:

    Oh, go on then !

  16. Leeanne Marie Threader says:

    Hell yes! X

  17. Poppy Jones says:

    I am providing my ticket comes soon..

  18. Ryan Glover says:

    I have tickets but no lift!

  19. Samuel James Bell says:

    If i had a fucking ticket i would but reading still haven’t sent me one !

  20. James Davidson says:

    If I can find a ticket

  21. Wayne Tucker says:

    No crap line up soz haven’t been the same in years

  22. Simon Fletcher says:

    Yep yep yep if the tickets ever bloody arrive

  23. Marlina Azmi says:

    I’m coming all the way from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for the festival! 😀

  24. Andre Lessing says:

    Got our tickets and will be effing there

  25. Sam Alexander says:

    Kane Atkins Chloe Amanda Ingram Gonna be epic!!!! x

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