ArcTanGent news: With Glassjaw and Shellac at the helm, ArcTanGent Festival thrives on the fringes

Latest update from ArcTangent:

Love this review from NME / Tom Connick – Have a read via the link & then wonder about what musical wonders we’ll have for you next year xxx

“As the wider festival season threatens to homogenise, then, it’s up to places like ArcTanGent to prove the future lies in the niches. For every crusty old dad…


With Glassjaw and Shellac at the helm, ArcTanGent Festival thrives on the fringes



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20 hours ago


SATURDAY CLASHFINDER. What are your movements gonna be?!

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SATURDAY CLASHFINDER. What are your movements gonna be?!



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The contortionist and elephant gym 😢

Don't miss DJ Perro opening Arc Stage!

Jade Levkouskis Daniel Harper

Vrgx DJ Perro abriendo el escenario principal 🤩🤯

Jan Dries

Will Newmarch Saturdays been released

TTT & Puppy clash is just the worst 😪

Jamie Lightfoot Matthew Nash Ryan Garner oh yes

I am unbelievably lucky here Demyan Vakhrameev

Secret Special Guests could honestly be the band name

You guys have done an amazing job in making sure pretty much none of the bands I want to see clash 😁 Gonna make the weekend that much more awesome!!

Richard Fitzgerald Stevens

Ruben Stevens

That penultimate clash has thrown me an Employed To Curveball.

My movements on Saturday will most likely be of the bowel variety, fuelled by 3 consecutive days worth of poffertje breakfasts, pizza dinners and pad Thai suppers. I will have no regrets. I cannot say the same for the next person in line for the cubicle after me.

This makes me very happy. I thought the Saturday was going to be horrific for clashes but you've absolutely smashed it out of the park! And I'm now dreaming of the secret set being Rosetta or Amenra 👍

Caspian and Employed to Serve clash... Will depend what I'm in the mood for at that time I guess

This is extreme fucking well done

This leaves zero space for Frisbee.

Zak Levkouskis Jade Levkouskis secret special guests could be Chon?

Dj Perro is gonna be the bomb

Secret Special Guests you say? Will this be a find out on the day type situation? I don’t know if my excitement can hold that long without a heart attack 😂

Hopefully st Pierre Snake Invasion get to play twice again <3

Damn invalids vs azusa is tough

Caspian vs Employed to Serve 😱 I love them both so much, in such different ways

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3 days ago


Very honoured that this will be happening at this year's ArcTanGent. Please read below.Hello everyone! For ArcTanGent festival this year, Alpha Male Tea Party along with myself and some other special guests are opening the Thursday main stage with "The Beft - A Tribute to Dan Wild-Beesley". As part of this, we'd really like to do a medley of Cleft tunes, suggested by people who like Cleft (ie. you lot). Vote for your favourite by the 18th May ('like' one track in the comments below) and I'll take the top ones and smash them together in some horrible bloated musical Frankenstein's monster, which we will then attempt to play on the 15th August. ... See MoreSee Less

Very honoured that this will be happening at this years ArcTanGent. Please read below.

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