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ArcTanGent news: Thanks for all your suggestions on what to name our 5th Stage. Now, without furt…

Latest update from ArcTangent:

Thanks for all your suggestions on what to name our 5th Stage. Now, without further ado, we're over the moon to announce we've decided to call it…


The eagled eyed among you will realise that this is a nod to our pal Dan Wild-Beesley from Cleft, who meant a lot to us here at ATG. It's housed in the same tent as our brand new Main Arena bar, so we'll see you in there for a tipple very soon.

📸 snaprockandpop



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3 days ago


Meshuggah's setlist at this year's fest was pretty hefty. What was your highlight? ... See MoreSee Less

Meshuggahs setlist at this years fest was pretty hefty. What was your highlight?


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That setlist is incredible!

Stengah, bleed, the hurt that finds you first were the highlights. But the whole thing was amazing! I was front row, got a stick and pick. Love meshuggah so much :D

Stengah and Straws pulled at random were my highlights! Oh, and future breed machine, for sure. This has definitely helped jog some memories too. That saturday night has a lot of black holes...

Meshuggah was incredible, superb band, incredible stage crew, insane crowd, and one of my favourite guitarists, Per Nilsson man just immense. I was so excited just watching them build the stage.

Not impressed that they left ‘combustion’ out, I had my ear stretcher ripped out during that mosh pit, it’s gone down as one of my most memorable pit moments!

Was a bit gutted as the sound seemed very quiet for them, but also stuffed a bad anxiety attack while they were playing so didn't get to really see the set as had to sit off to one side. Gutting but oh well

The halfspeed rendition of lethargica!

the whole thing was a 'high', i always feel transported to place forged from sound whenever i see Meshuggah

Straws Pulled and Demiurge were personal faves. Rational Gaze is always a banger

The highlight was the start all the way to the end !

Lethergica and Stengah baby!!! Do you have other bands setlists? I want to make a playlist of all the setlists of all the bands I saw

So good. Very muddy tho.

Ahhh that's painful. Gutted to have missed it

Future Breed Machine, took me right back to download 05!

Always Future Breed Machine unless they play part of Catch 33, which they didn't.

Future Breed Machine but the whole thing was just obliterating.

It was a whopping set!

Let's get that album out next year and some UK dates sorted

Always straws!

Getting wacked in the face during rational gaze. Fantastic show

Rational Gaze, Stemgah, Straws and Demiurge! 👌👌

Future Breed Machine 🤘

Every single track. Buuuut Straws and Future Breed Machine

@Sandrew Mith : Frontierer setlist 2019

Watching there truck leave

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6 days ago


Wholesome 😍

📸 Joe Singh - snaprockandpop
... See MoreSee Less

Wholesome 😍

📸 Joe Singh - snaprockandpop


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Non silent discos Loud awesome music Hard to sleep

one day perhaps women can enjoy music too

Rain Mud Tunes

It me :o

Drunk as usual

those urinals were pretty intimate tbf

Trash post

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