ArcTanGent news: So who’s ready for Silent Karaoke on Thursday & Friday of ATG hosted by Old Blue…

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So who’s ready for Silent Karaoke on Thursday & Friday of ATG hosted by Old Blue Last Beer? Choose from the songs listed below & to take part, simply sign up at the pit barrier after the headliners have finished on Thursday (Yohkai) or The Arc Stage (Friday) & you could be living out your dream of signing to our Silent Disco crowd. It’s going to be a right sight to behold! Choose from….

Aphex Twin – Come To Daddy
At The Drive In – One Armed Scissor
Avril Lavinge – Ska8ter Boi
Beastie Boys – Sabotage
Blink 182 – What’s My Age Again?
Bomfunk MCs – Freestyler
Bonnie Tyler – Total Eclipse Of The Heart
Craig David ft Artful Dodger – Re-rewind
Darude – Sandstorm
Death Grips – Guillotine (It Goes Yah)
Deftones – My Own Summer
Dizzee Rascal – Fix Up Look Sharp
Drake – Hotline Bling
Erasure – A Little Respect
Evanescence – Bring Me Back To Life
Fall Out Boy – Sugar, We’re Going Down
Funeral For A Friend – Jeneau
Glassjaw – Cosmopolitan Blood Loss
Gorillaz – Clint Eastwood
Heart – Barracuda
Iron Maiden – Run To The Hills
Kiss – Rock And Roll All Night
Limp Bizkit – Break Stuff
Madonna – Like A Prayer
Mars Volta – Inertiatic ESP
McLusky – Lightsabre Cocksucking Blues
Oasis – Wonderwall
Paramore – Misery Business
Queen – Don’t Stop Me Now
Rage Against The Machine – Killing In The Name
Reuben – Let’s Stop Hanging Out
Saves The Day – At Your Funeral
Smash Mouth – All Star
Spice Girls – Wannabe
Taylor Swift – Shake It Off
Tenacious D – Tribute
The Streets – Fit but you know it
The White Stripes – 7 Nation Army
Toto – Africa
Weezer – Say It Ain’t So
Wheatus – Teenage Dirtbag
Whitney Houston – I Wanna Dance With Somebody



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One for the ATG faithful: who's the finest drummer you've seen at ArcTanGent?

📸 snaprockandpop
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One for the ATG faithful: whos the finest drummer youve seen at ArcTanGent?

📸 snaprockandpop


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Mr Adam Betts gotta be up there!

Kashikura Takashi (Toe).

Greg Chapman of AMTP. The man's chops are amazing and he is a lovely guy offstage too.

That'll be happening this summer! Mr Haake!

Akira Kawasaki of mouse on the keys was insane last year!!

Saw Mark Heron there in 2015. He wasn't playing, but he was there.

that dude from 100 onces. his smile was magic

The very Big Lad pictured :)

The correct answer is John Simm. He dun two sets the year we played, Cleft and Trojan Horse. HE IS DRUM.

will covert (space blood) and akira kawasaki (mouse on the keys)

ask me after ArcTanGent gets MESHUGGANIZED

Dave from Russian Circles is insane

Ben Koller or Adam Betts

Rob Jones of 65daysofstatic

Dude from Mouse On The Keys!

The product of a union twixt woman and metronome that is Adam Betts.

Denzel for playing in all the bands on the lineup in 2015

Jan Krause, Ben Koller and Adam Betts

Well Rey Washam is my favorite drummer, although I doubt he's been there, Steve Albini had him in one of his bands.

Yep, Adam Betts gets my vote

There’s too many to mention

Adam Betts, Kashikura Takashi, Steve Lamos, Ben Koller

Theo in the first year in the tiny tent.

Adam Betts or Dave Morgan.

Him from Acid Mothers Temple...

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65daysofstatic know the score 👊65daysofstatic perform Taipei from their Wild Light album on the Lightship95 in London Watch on ... See MoreSee Less

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Claeym Québeur


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10 thoughts on “ArcTanGent news: So who’s ready for Silent Karaoke on Thursday & Friday of ATG hosted by Old Blue…

  1. Must say that there’s some massive exclusions from this list. Where’s Tubelord (Night Of The Pencils), TTNG (Chinchilla), Colour (Unicorns), Dananananackroyd (Black Wax), The Hotelier (Scope Of All This), Minus The Bear (Pachuca Sunrise), Protest The Hero (Bloodmeat), I could go on! It’s a math rock festival, got to get some of the classic math rock and closely related genres on the kareoke, where else are you ever gonna get a Tubelord kareoke, whereas you can sing along to crap like Skater Boi on prettymuch everkareoke system ever. Anyone else agree?

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