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Wow! What a week… The sun just came out, we’ve got more artists coming on Friday & GIRAFFES? GIRAFFES! have a brand new album out TODAY. What a time to be alive (for serious). Get your ears on this. xxx

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Memory Lame

Memory Lame, an album by Giraffes? Giraffes! on Spotify



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Here’s the first in a series of questions you always wanted to ask your favourite bands, but never got the chance to. Maybe.

Look out for The St. Pierre Snake Invasion, Black Peaks, The Contortionist, Car Bomb, and Gender Roles.
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Can someone name me the intro at the start please?

Angell awww

I would finally really like to hear about the VIP T-shirt I did not get this year..

2 days ago


Hefty setlist from Russian Circles at ATG this year. What was your highlight? What tune would you have added if you could? ... See MoreSee Less

Hefty setlist from Russian Circles at ATG this year. What was your highlight? What tune would you have added if you could?


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Mladek is the best song in the world and they should always play that.

Wonder of arctangent for me has been getting me involved with bands I should have listened to years ago. You have a convo every week where you say you will check out a band. RS had somehow slipped through the cracks. Completely leveled me at Arc2017.

I like that they close with Youngblood. Sorta bummed they don't play Death Rides A Horse anymore though!


Death rides

Death Rides a Horse without a shadow of a doubt


Thank god for Russian circles- a brilliant set was the only reason friday’s atrocious weather didn’t get the better of me. Whole thing was immense.


I wish they'd played Ethel but in fairness, I might have just had a full on breakdown if they did

Same with Schiphol

Schipol and Lisboa

Every RC gig should end on Youngblood. It should be made law.

Didn't they cut that set short due to technical issues during Vorel? Don't quite remember them playing that many songs

Mlàdek... But this setlist is perfection. 🔥

A cover of AC-DC's Thunderstruck with Jaime Lenman on guest vocals.

Would have loved to heard Mladek!

never vibed harder than during Milano

Memorial feat. Chelsea

The entirety of Station would’ve done me nicely!

Ethel. Without question 🙌

During their concert the rain stopped &lpar;finally&rpar; and fog took its place <3

Quartered was incredible&period; Best riff of the year to end that song 👌👍🤘

1777&comma; on repeat&period;

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