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Hola Amigos! Awesome news – Our friends at Signature Brew are bringing their music-inspired craft beers to ArcTanGent… and they’re also going to brew a special beer at the festival itself (with help from artists and YOU). What could possibly go wrong?!



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One for the ATG faithful: who's the finest drummer you've seen at ArcTanGent?

📸 snaprockandpop
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One for the ATG faithful: whos the finest drummer youve seen at ArcTanGent?

📸 snaprockandpop


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James Trood

Kashikura Takashi (Toe).

Akira Kawasaki of mouse on the keys was insane last year!!

That'll be happening this summer! Mr Haake!

Ben Koller or Adam Betts

Betts innit? Case closed.

Saw Mark Heron there in 2015. He wasn't playing, but he was there.

Baard from Leprous.

that dude from 100 onces. his smile was magic

Obvs Ben Koller

Denzel for playing in all the bands on the lineup in 2015

The product of a union twixt woman and metronome that is Adam Betts.

Jan Krause, Ben Koller and Adam Betts

Betts or the matey from toe

Greg Chapman of AMTP. The man's chops are amazing and he is a lovely guy offstage too.

Yep, Adam Betts gets my vote

Well Rey Washam is my favorite drummer, although I doubt he's been there, Steve Albini had him in one of his bands.

There’s too many to mention

Dave from Russian Circles is insane

ask me after ArcTanGent gets MESHUGGANIZED

The very Big Lad pictured :)

Dude from Mouse On The Keys!

The guy from Scalpings

Adam Betts or Dave Morgan.

Mr Adam Betts gotta be up there!

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3 days ago


65daysofstatic know the score 👊65daysofstatic perform Taipei from their Wild Light album on the Lightship95 in London Watch on ... See MoreSee Less

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Claeym Québeur


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