Anyone else who just wants to be there already?




  1. Not with this year’s line up I’ve been the last 3 years to eminem greenday blink 182 foo fighters florence and the machine and now theres Mumford and sons, it’s gone from lions to kittens

  2. Hell yea. Great line up this year! Few bands (karaoke singers) I have no interest in but plenty to keep me entertained on other stages. Didn’t watch a single mainstage headliner last year but still had an ace time

  3. I will be when I see Twin Atlantic, Rhodes, James Bay & Gavin James added to the line up.
    Although I’m still looking forward to it this year and have my ticket bought, the last two years have been better for me..

  4. Really gutted, absolutely adore reading festival, and it’s mine and the other halfs weekend away from the kids, change to be kids ourselves for a weekend; but the line up is terrible and its a lot of money to see one or two okish bands, so now I have Nothing to look forward too at all 🙁

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