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Just announced! The BBC Introducing line up has just been released 💪💪

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23 Responses

  1. Lewis Fletcher says:

    Wes Thompson is this avenoir you?

  2. Corey Williams says:

    Harry Goacher

  3. Daniel Hoensch says:

    Jake Paddy fucking Moses are playing reading and leeds hahaha

  4. Alex Middlebrook says:

    Georgia 💦💦

  5. Orlando Bell says:

    Josh Curtis split in half cus there r usually slme goood acts on BBC intro

  6. Adam Demir says:

    Sarah Too Many T’s are playing!! Plum jam 😂

  7. Gary Draper says:

    Russ Deakin Nicky Rex-Byrd some amazing groups on, cant wait now!

  8. Heather Thomas says:

    Molly Alice

  9. Heather Thomas says:

    Carly Pacheco Vicky Claire

  10. Joanna Murphy says:

    Matthew Mc Crilly can’t wait!!

  11. Lisa A Manning says:

    Woo hoo!!! @wearecassia @palewaves @thepalewhite 🙌

  12. Leanne Ryder says:

    Bruce Mac McKinnon mad to see Alibi on there!

  13. Tonner Pettitt says:

    3 on their that I love, Nice one! 😊

  14. Becky Magliocco says:

    Dave Maxwell

  15. Emily Eldridge says:

    Cassia Hitching I think we have to go

  16. Ciara Nichols says:

    Ryan Crouch

  17. Danny Michael Allen says:

    Becky Elia xxx

  18. Dan Bourne says:


  19. Kirsty Telling says:

    Moses. I haven’t seen him since those 40 years in the desert

  20. Connor Bundock says:

    Will Clements can we go and see pale waves pls

  21. Jo Brown says:

    Lucy Brown 😁😁😁

  22. Niamh Alexandra Hegarty says:

    Megan Slater Alexie Marie Jenkins if no one clashes i wanna see cassia jussayin

  23. Kyle Doughty says:

    Joe Pallisco this is what I was on about 😂

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