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Breakfast at Reading will be sorted by our mates over at Weetabix On The Go this year!

What flavour will you pick?

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25 Responses

  1. Nicky Buttigieg says:

    Sam Andrew remember? lol

  2. Emily Goss says:

    George Hextall

  3. Samantha Sutton says:

    Well I don’t know about anyone else but my breakfasts at Reading this year will be bacon, beans and eggs every morning!

  4. Mark Garnett says:

    Pineapple. Oh wait.

  5. Layton Morgan says:

    Jak Macdonald Oh no………

  6. Elys Bibby says:

    Shedea gd times

  7. Ryan Ship says:

    Daniel Draper Jake Cooper getting flashbacks here

  8. Laura Wilson says:

    Joanne Wilson remember how disgusting these were last year 🤢🤢

  9. Dan Pow says:

    Steve Perry Emily Bowen loved these last year!

  10. Joel Walker says:


  11. James Skunk Salvage says:


  12. Charlotte French says:

    Rose Steventon

  13. Lee Gilly Gilboy says:

    I’m not interested unless it includes bacon, beans and a sausage 🙂

  14. Charlie Willis says:

    Aaron Eagling-vose

  15. Callum Brownlie says:

    Shay Walsh 😍😍

  16. James Wood says:

    Dominic Morgan Get a Weetabix on the go

  17. Callum Waring says:

    Cameron BonfieldJames MeechamJosh Kennedy

  18. Natasha Ryan says:

    Martha Cambridge Hannah Boit 😂 think I’d rather drink my own sick

  19. Freya Stevens says:

    Charlotte Robinson Max Roberts Lance Dickinson Serena Phillips

  20. Chris Brookes says:

    Breakfast?beer !!!!!

  21. Libby Gilbert says:

    Zoe Moorey pls no

  22. Megan Bennett says:

    Seraya Smith

  23. Phoebe Gane says:

    Alex Christie-Brown guess you will be having this again haha

  24. George Bolger says:

    Ronan Byrne Ciaran Redmond i think we know which one ill be having😉

  25. Mike Austin says:

    AKA Missiles

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