Africa Oye Festival news: Tom Blip & Sean OD | Nu Tribe (Live)

Latest update from Africa Oye Festival

Wide Open will welcome a DJ who played with us this year – SNO – for a day party in the Kazimier Garden this Saturday…expect plenty of rare African grooves!

PLUS…they’ve brought Tom Blip to the North Shore Troubadour with his lauded Afro-Techno, and they will be joined by some other Oye favourites Nutribe who will be hosting the chill out room. WIDE OPEN move home to the newly imrpoved and extended @[1032413750205455:274:North Shore Troubadour]. This is an exciting and wide open space, out of the way from regular business. We’re excited to be one of the first to party here since it’s been refitted & have gone all out on the bookings to make sure it’s one to remember…

Main room

🌴 @[1168479236497772:274:Tom Blip] (@[334635136739145:274:Blip Discs]) & @[917089594986504:274:Sean OD] (@[733932256623091:274:Balamii Radio]) (6 hour joint set)

Afro // Acid // Tek // Boogie // Electro // Brazilian

These two choonz obsessed long term buddys have been looking forward to comfortabley whipping ya hips all night. We’ve heard taunghts of every element of YOUTH dance music. From the depths of London’s blubbling lofi house scene comes Disco’s lost delights, Worldly diamonds, naughty ACID & old fashioned thumpin house.

Room 2

🌴 Hosts – Nu Trbe (@[609409855882053:274:COLLECTA])
🌴 SNO (@[700511944:2048:Nongi Oliphant])
🌴 @[656969831088117:274:Ranga]

Live Hip Hop // Reggae // Afro Beat // Jazz // Fun

Special guests Nu Tribe (@[609409855882053:274:COLLECTA]) will be hosting room two with support from SNO, a South African vinyl purist fresh back from Dimesnions festival and & our @[656969831088117:274:Ranga].
Nu Tribe will be bringing the whole crew from MCs to turntablists. Imminently moving to London this may be the last time to check the local boys on home turf for a while.


Discounted wristbands for sale online, in record shops & during the daytime event @ the @[484676018224862:274:Kazimier Garden]

🌴There will be FREE taxis via a mini bus starting from the Kaz Garden at 11pm, pickups upon request around town

£10 OTD / £3-7 Adv or at the daytime event

Discounts also avalible from @[847679018614823:274:3B Records], @[1393728294280806:274:Jacaranda Records Ltd] & @[1382647718668614:274:Dig Vinyl].

Apologies that the party is no longer being held at The Bakery due to licencing problems, the new venue will have all the regular vibes & late night fun. Pete’ll still be there too.

🌴 🌴 🌴 🌴 🌴 🌴 🌴 🌴 🌴 🌴 🌴 🌴 🌴 🌴


Sean OD & Tom Blip radio show

Tom Blip Boiler Room Debut

*Tom Blip (Blip Discs)

North London’s Blip Discs are just past their 6th release, BLIP006: Sentimental Strings/There Were No Signs by Tom Blip, high from Boiler Room Debuts, Giles Peterson edorsements and prime plays of O’Flynn, Glowing Palms, Spooky J & Tom Blip’s previous releases.

Time, traveling and care goes into every release on Blip Discs and the results are outstanding. Their releases of HiQual/Lofi House, beautiful moments and African shakedowns easily pop a party off.

*Sean OD (Balamii)

Sean’s last visit gave us a peek at exclusive unreleased Rhythm Section, Lobster Theronim & his Brazilian sourced records. Sean’s work on radio shows his real passion and love for music. His sets travel from perfect Larry Levane edits to Brazilian bubblers without effort, depicting a real cog in current YOUTH music.

“Sean OD is a Brazilian-Irish DJ based in South-East London, specialising in Brazilian music, Afrobeat, Jazz and forward thinking electronic grooves.” (Dimensions Festival 2017).

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We're up for 'Best Medium Sized Festival' at this year's UK Festival Awards and you can vote using the link below 🙌

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Were up for Best Medium Sized Festival at this years UK Festival Awards and you can vote using the link below 🙌



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