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Africa Oye Festival news: In case you missed it……

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Africa Oye Festival news: In case you missed it……

Latest update from Africa Oye Festival

In case you missed it…

THE OYE VIBE DJ SESSIONS in association with Bido Lito! & Melodic Distraction

Last week’s mix, the 19th mix in the series, comes from ELLIOT HUTCHINSON, whose mix lit up Freetown on the Festival Sunday last year.

Crate ‘n’ counter guru at Liverpool’s Dig Vinyl record store and king of the cover version, Elliot has brought weird, wonderful and worldly 45s to the younger ear for over a decade.

This mix is high on grooves and fun, and will get you dancing along with the highlife and reggae gems like you’re right there in Sefton Park.

Listen now:

Africa Oyé (Official)


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