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A view of Reading Festival from above

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A view of Reading Festival from above

A view of Reading Festival from above 😍



25 Responses

  1. Jack Thompson says:

    But when is Eminem being announced as a headliner🤔

  2. Steph Bradford says:

    Abbie Elizabeth

  3. Emily Francesca Spalding says:

    Shannon Hunter

  4. Charlotte Ashton Jones says:

    Fish eye lens makes it look tiny

  5. Emma Serafina Bruun Andersen says:

    Freja Kjær Østergaard-Nielsen Se det ER mega fedt!!

  6. Jasmine Hall says:

    Saxon Hadland

  7. Scarlett Ryan says:

    Abbie Jenkins

  8. Joe Simpson says:

    Christi Reynolds 👌🏼👌🏼

  9. Lucy Marie Hill says:

    James Burnley we have to go 😬

  10. Nick Mouncer says:

    Alfie Ellis 👍

  11. Andrea Beech says:

    Kelzi Hales oml

  12. Olivia Rowlings says:

    Ellen McCarthy

  13. Richard Skerritt says:

    If Eminem announced that should clear the field nicely…

  14. Emily Bradley says:

    Georgia Bennett

  15. James Tasker says:

    Lacey-Jo Marsland Mosh doesn’t look so bad anymore 😛 x

  16. Talia-Leigh Cook says:

    Sophie McClure Daisy Linck Gemma Carr can’t wait to go back

  17. Aidan Gilbert says:

    Paul Manzie Sean Hedaux Ryan Moore Michael Fidler

  18. Arianne Cutajar says:

    Jael Spiteri x’imkien hemm jien u int nigru FOB->BØRNS and vice versa hahah xx

  19. Anna Rose Cole says:

    Kate Duncan remember clinging onto the barrier 😂

  20. Anna Haslett says:

    Stephanie Black Ellie Biggerstaff

  21. Darren Vass says:

    Michelle Louise Harvey Jane Green Doug Frampton Colin Harvey

  22. James MacPherson says:

    Joshua Aherne

  23. Jade Burrows says:

    Aaron Dooley

  24. Hayley Hodson says:

    Jessica Lee THIS WILL BE US

  25. Sian Morris says:

    If we go we will get lost and wont be tall enough to find a way around!!!! 😆 Laura Godwin

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