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A New Day Festival news: A New Day, Faversham, Kent. Our Fabulous Friday Line-up, August 3rd. …

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A New Day Festival news: A New Day, Faversham, Kent. Our Fabulous Friday Line-up, August 3rd. …

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A New Day, Faversham, Kent. Our Fabulous Friday Line-up, August 3rd.
FEEDER, Jethro Tull’s Martin Barre, Hugh Cornwell, Ruts DC, The Mentulls, Kanda Bongo Man, John Otway, Gerry Colvin Band, Vikki Clayton Band, Tommy Justice. http://www.anewdayfestival.com

A New Day Festival


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2 weeks ago

A New Day Festival

Radio Looe are looking for musicians who would like to participate in our Fireside Sessions. We would welcome any individual or group who would like to perform two or three of their favourite songs (either self-penned or covers) and to explain why they have included them as part of the recording.
All submissions would be welcome and if you would like to send your recordings to radiolooe@gmail.com we will do our best to include them in one of our Fireside Session broadcasts.
Get recording!
John Carter
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Hi there - I'm guessing it's purely audio you'd like, not video? Any format preferences and any deadline date? This is a great idea! xx

Chris Greenslade? Xxx

Derek Richard ??

Karen Dunk Julier πŸ™‚

Stewart Elcomb

Sarah Furbey

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3 weeks ago

A New Day Festival

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Fantastic festival! Great to see this!!! 🀘🏼IO EARTH would love to return !!!!

Good news keep up the good work guys... great festival IO EARTH would love to return

Would LOVE to play this festival xxxx

Great festival

Definitely going. X

Neither can we. Love this festival.

Can't wait!

We're in!

Looking forward to this ! ☺


See ya there can’t wait 😊

Gary Ribbens,James Annal

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4 weeks ago

A New Day Festival

We are truly humbled by all your wonderful comments. Thank you all SO MUCH. We will be back with a fantastic festival next year and we can all celebrate together. What lovely people you are πŸ™‚ ... See MoreSee Less

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I'm so sad it's not happening this year. its my favourite festival and a great way to end my festival season. A fantastic location, with an amazing range of musicians, we always camp for the 4 days and meet so many like minded people.This cancelation will only make next years festival even more special. roll on 2021🎸😎🍺

So sorry it's not happening but it will save us the anxiety of whether to go or not. Lovely wonderful festival we have been to every one from the start. Would be so sad to see it fail altogether so of course we will hang on to our tickets . We bought ours on site last year. Hope we can sort out adding to the draw. Could you also include the low paid care workers in it. Many of whom had to work with no PPE for many weeks. Will look forward to seeing the lovely folk again next year.

It is our favourite festival which we travel to from Norway every year. We will truly miss the weekend of bliss and long to be back ❣

Hope you’re aiming for the same line-up next year!? We were so looking forward to it. So sad to have to cancel BUT I’d rather everyone stays safe in 2020 and we ALL make 2021 πŸ‘

I'll drink to that!

Silver lining for you organisers - most of the planning is done for next year already, you can have a rest! You're bound to need it after the last few weeks!

Unfortunately it clashes with Green Man next year πŸ™

I know it's a long shot but is there any chance of some acoustic performances from this years lineup pre-recorded then streamed live here? Then we can all have a pint of ale sat in the garden with our eyes shut and imagine it's still going ahead 😌

So Sorry, but not unexpected. I'm in the shielding group so it was always going to be touch and go for me anyway. So many great bands I'm going to miss but hopefully a monster line up next year. πŸ»β˜ΉοΈπŸ™

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4 weeks ago

A New Day Festival

Oh well… we tried, we really did.
We were hopeful, up until this weekend, that the tide might turn sufficiently to enable us to hold our lovely little festival again this year, complete with the relevant precautions, social distancing etc. etc.
However, looking at the recent scenes of beaches and city centres rammed with people, reports of the all-important β€œR” number rising above 1 again, gave us cause for concern.
Equally concerning is the fact that the vast majority of our audience, performers and, yes, the organisers are in the most vulnerable age group.
Now, after consultations with local residents and our venue hosts, expressing grave concerns and asking us to postpone this year, there is only one option.
And so it is with heavy hearts that we have to announce the postponement of A New Day until August 20-22 next year.
This comes as a devastating blow to us after so much hard work and preparation, and to many of you we are sure, even though it is not completely unexpected.
As with all the other struggling festivals that have been forced to cancel, our main (only) hope of surviving this disastrous state of affairs lies with you guys. It will help us immensely if you can roll over your tickets until next year. And with a grateful nod to the countless heroes that have helped us all to get through this so far, we promise that for EVERY ticket rolled over we will donate a ticket – that’s absolutely FREE – to NHS staff members. They deserve it, and we want to thank them.
We will also hold a draw of ticket holders, the winner to receive free tickets for the following year.
We will be emailing our database (check your spam!) over the next few days, and Skiddle will also be in contact with all online ticket buyers.
Of course, if you cannot hang onto your tickets, refunds will be available as soon as we can process them. Or, if you simply cannot make the dates next year but want to help us save the festival, how about a voucher for 2022?
If you require a refund please email dave@anewdayfestival.com
Thanks for reading and for your support thus far. We hope to meet you all again NEXT year.
Dave, Ian, Frank & Angela, the A New Day Team.
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Totally understand but feeling very sad. Nice touch to give free tickets to NHS workers, well done big respect. We will DEFINITELY be rolling our tickets over to next year. Stay safe everyone.

Thank you so much for putting the lives of people as a higher priority than the obvious loss of revenue that this cancellation will bring. xx I will certainly attend the next one given the stance you have taken here. xxx

Just to let you know this is the same date that Weyfest have re booked theirs for also. My dad has tickets booked for both.

Really sorry - but not at all surprised - to hear the news. Thanks so much Dave and team for all the hard work this and in previous years, and the lovely gesture of donating tickets. We will happily roll ours over to 2021, and look forward to repeating the usual wonderful weekend we’ve had every year so far. Hoping everyone stays safe and well. See you next summer! Penny and Dunc xx

😭 but inevitable, no way you can do safe distance at a festival, wouldn't be the same without the hugs while we rocked. See you next year.

Very sad to hear but I will keep my tickets for next year.x It's better to be safe than sorry :). Losing Rich to Corvid 19 has left me devestated. Please be safe. See you next year xxxx

Such a shame, but completely understandable under the circumstances. I’m sure we’ll be more than happy to roll over until next year, which I’m sure will be epic!

Sorry to hear this but expected. Safe better than sorry. Good choice all around. will defo be rolling over. πŸ€˜πŸŽΆπŸ’― Have to ask will some , all of the artists be rolling over? Or is it to soon to say. Will still be there no matter who plays😁 Y'all take care and stay safe see you next year πŸ˜€

Like you say..... sadly inevitable but it’s really better for everyone to stay well isn’t it.... of course we will be keeping our tickets safe for next year. Take care Dave. A New Day 2021 will be all the more sweet Just going off now to have a little cry

As unfortunate as it is, it’s the best call for the safety of staff, volunteers, performers and attendees. We’ve been every year both since ANDF began both as attendees and working with the stage build crew, so will be sad not to be there this year 😒

Sad but sadly inevitable news. Let’s make 2021 special!

If next years dates are 20th to 22nd August then it's the weekend before Bank holiday which is a good thing,less chance of horrendous traffic both ways.Just trying to pick out the positives. Hope most of the bands will commit to next year as well

Really sad and desperately missing live music but completely understandable. You are good eggs to think of the NHS and all us good folk. Roll on next year we will all be there let’s hope your great line up is too. Keep safe

Thanks for trying Dave, but I think we all knew it was going to be a long shot. Certainly don't want a refund and already looking forward to 2021 (& 22, 23....).

That’s the sad news we really didn’t want to hear..But I think you have made a brilliant move...here’s to next year...hopefully we will see you all there.☹️πŸ₯Ί

Well done for trying to keep it on but understandably I think we all knew in our hearts it would have to be cancelled.We will roll over our tickets.Thanks again for persevering.See you next year.PS will MB be on?

So sad but inevitable. As a fan of the front row and an NHS worker I was struggling to work out how I could enjoy this year's event. Most definitely carrying it over, it's in the diary already 🎢🎼🎷🎸πŸ₯πŸŽΉπŸ’œ

Love the festival ❀ thank you for your hard work! We will be there next year ❣

Wonderful festival loved by all, everyone will be back for next year

That's a real shame, had everything crossed for this to go ahead, like a light at the end of a tunnel. See you next year xxx

I'd been in 2 minds to even hope that this year's festival would take place. Even though it would be another 2 months on, not a lot might change as the UK didn't instigate lock down soon enough, & those with underlying health problems will be uneasy about taking any risk. The compromises & added stress for those with or without existing health conditions, who might put risk aside, wouldn't be conducive to the best atmosphere. I can't imagine not being within the throng down the front (for Focus πŸ˜‰among many)! We'll all be so grateful & happy to attend next year, it'll be even more brilliant! Such a shame for all those with financial losses as a result this year πŸ˜₯. I do hope Tangerine Fields will return. (Goes without saying - ticket roll over of course) All the best to all. πŸ€—

Stay safe and well everyone that is priority ! We are rolling ours and thank you for ll your hard word and efforts it wont be wasted xx all will be well x

So sad, well done Dave and team for trying so hard. See you next year!!

Not unexpected, and sadly the right decision. It would be too big a risk.

I love this festival, but it's the right decision....I'm rolling over 🎟:) x

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2 months ago

A New Day Festival

A NEW DAY FESTIVAL Update… of sorts!
Another day, another festival falls by the wayside, but not (yet) A New Day Festival.
We all know things are not looking good for large gatherings of people anywhere at the moment, and we, like everybody else, are just waiting and hoping for better times to come.
We continue to be guided by expert advice and remain hopeful, if not optimistic, that we can all meet up at the end of August again this year, but obviously such things are not up to us.
We still have well over three months to go, and a LOT can change in that time. With limited easing of lock-down we will all see a slightly clearer picture in the weeks and months to come. Things could get better…things could get a lot worse.
Only time will tell, so until we know more the situation is that A New Day is still on, assuming the health and safety of all concerned is protected.
As a relatively small festival we are able to wait longer than most before we make a final decision, and we think probably mid-July might be the deadline, unless we are told differently beforehand. So do please keep an eye on this page for more information as and when we have some.
Fingers crossed!
Dave, Ian, Frank & Angela - The A New Day Team
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Good luck ! Hoping for some positive news 🀞🀞

Fingers crossed as AND is my Christmas 😁

Dave is it still possible to book in a campervan for Thursday night?

Good luck Dave!!

Fingers crossed.

Fingers crossed.

Being outside should help and after this weekend’s mass gatherings although illegal maybe we stand a chance. Distancing could be maintained and face coverings used

Are all the advised bands playing?

🀞 🀞 🀞 🀞

Thanks for the update. X🀞

Here’s hoping 🀞

Fingers crossed

Bill Wardley-Smith Andy Warren Ian Postlethwaite Alan Hodgson Carole Poyser xx 😘




Hi guys, how are things? Any news yet on the Festival?



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