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6405 hours till Reading 2015. Roughly.

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6405 hours till Reading 2015. Roughly.

6405 hours till Reading 2015. Roughly.



25 Responses

  1. Kurt Caruana says:

    Daniela Pulis

  2. Lloyd Coleman says:

    Ross Chapman

  3. Jake Lewis Popple says:

    When will the first announcement be for the acts?

  4. Dani Kelly says:

    Carys :D:D:D

  5. Sonny Bailey says:

    How many hours till act announcements?

  6. Callum Limbrick says:


  7. Oliver Cairns says:

    Adi !!

  8. Robyn Doherty says:

    Ellie Potter

  9. Beth Prior says:

    Sophie Randall Oh.. not long then ;D

  10. Crystal George says:

    Jodie Brooker πŸ˜‚πŸ˜†

  11. Ed Morris says:

    Matt Marrison Ben Hines

  12. Shannon Brazier says:

    Amy Stevens Katie Stephenson

  13. David Gray says:

    Michael Meleady mmmmm

  14. Ben Rotherham says:

    Lottie Rose Keyes Dale Holt-Mead Jake Wells Kristie Fitsall

  15. Samantha Whiteman says:

    Wish I was going

  16. Luke Weston says:

    Pat OHalloran Brown

  17. Michael Meleady says:

    David Gray might as well start heading to get a good spot

  18. Ciara Keane says:

    Alex Hallam-Howard

  19. Daryl Morgan says:

    Harry SmithJake NealeAnthony PurcellCallum DayJoe Clarke not long now!!!

  20. Lucy Ling says:

    Molly Broxton

  21. Geraldine Richardson says:

    Jack Richardson

  22. Lou Rogerson says:

    Michael Ashford Lydia Mcdonald

  23. Lou Rogerson says:

    Eloise Brigden Hollie Keenan Ollie Cotterill

  24. Sandra Cornelissen says:

    Michelle Versluis ga maar vast aftellen haha

  25. Rachel Michele says:

    Matt Kun Γ„hwal!!

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