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381,600 minutes till Reading 2015. Ish. We can do this!…

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381,600 minutes till Reading 2015. Ish. We can do this!…

381,600 minutes till Reading 2015. Ish. We can do this!

Pic courtesy of Chris Forsey at Reading Chronicle



25 Responses

  1. Danny Foley says:

    Shows how fucking far camped away we where… We aren’t even in this picture 😂😂

  2. Christine Tupaj says:

    Romane Moulin 😀

  3. Janice Whyte says:

    Alex Webb :'(

  4. Melissa Conquest says:

    Stephanie Farrow wooo

  5. Addison Leng says:

    Jess Dinnage Charlie Scholey Rebecca Newton Stefan Rowles I found us!

  6. Alex Norris says:

    Already buzzing my little titties off. Got my ticket the day I got back this year, the countdown is almost a third of the way done already!

  7. Leon Hortobagyi says:

    Isaac Hickman

  8. Bryony Myhill says:

    Megan Collinge miss reading!

  9. Megan Collinge says:

    Bryony Myhill I miss it to! Last year was amazing!

  10. Chad Hodges says:

    Fuuuuuuuuuuu Kavindya Dias dat walk

  11. Lloyd James Cleverly says:

    Francesca Cleverly see if you can zoom in and see the palace!!

  12. Kate Batham says:

    Mitchell Barber how amazing does this look !!

  13. Georgia Elizabeth Crowley says:

    Mhairi Fairbairn

  14. Russell Brown says:

    You know I loves a birds eye view. Catrina Chisholm

  15. Kelly Marie Burns says:

    The dreaded walk… But would do anything to do it again right now!! 😔

  16. Calum Evans says:

    Brendan Abreu Craig Zac Lancaster Jamie Sheppard

  17. Joseph Rebak says:

    Hey, I can see my tent from here… Izzy Way, Pippa Byrom, Morgan Kenyon, Miles Rebeiro

  18. Mhairi Fairbairn says:

    Georgia Elizabeth Crowley oh my god

  19. Stuart Rashbrook says:

    Tabitha Hawes Adele Postins Bethany Dimond MISS THIS!!!!!!!! 🙁

  20. Matt Hinton says:

    😝😝 woop woop 😝😝

  21. Alexander Claeson says:

    Tobias Minin Adam Bylund Rasmus Gustafsson

  22. Julia Heck says:

    Beth Roberts

  23. Georgina Rumsey says:

    Allanah Timms-Thompson the walk 💀

  24. Alessandro Cristantielli says:

    Gabriella Gabrieli :-O

  25. Nadia Edwards Desouza says:

    Maya Lea Wood

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