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25 Responses

  1. Matt MacGillivray says:

    Eddie Williams Leon Clark

  2. Amber Tanner says:

    April Lansley

  3. Jodie Rowley Callaghan says:

    Hayley E Perry Nichols

  4. Rosie Pratt says:

    Claire… Meh 🙄

  5. Gemma Cathy says:

    Emily Alana two door!!!!

  6. Ben Turvey says:

    Will Robertson mate we’ve gotta go now

  7. Alice Berkeley says:

    Sarah Laptain Sophia Herne

  8. Mark Conway says:

    Confused a bit Jon Besty Forrest Lisa Jacks

  9. Poppy Harvey says:

    Brad Gladden

  10. Daniella Meredith says:

    Such an anti-climax after the RHCP announcement

  11. Kayleigh Hopgood says:

    Amy Jade Lamb Gemma Hanson Kat Hopgood

  12. Dylan James Cunningham says:


  13. Sam Gosling says:

    That’s absolute dogshite

  14. Tasha Raggio says:

    Billy Fenner

  15. Gemma Cathy says:

    Ashley Barnes Rhys Newman is that parkway drive you say??

  16. Aagya Pradhan says:

    Hannah Cocker Heledd Gwyn Wilshaw Evie Rose Salter Eleanor Morgan Charlie Power

  17. Joanna Evans says:

    Joe Williams try and keep your cool

  18. Chris Barrs says:

    Piss poor!!

  19. Ryan Boyce says:

    I got up early on a day off for that bullshit, I think Reading needs a new booking agent.

  20. Darren Williamson says:

    Patrick Page Ward Adam Hubbard think we’ll give it a miss!

  21. Vanessa Woods says:

    Lucy Woods Tara Kemp Anna Harris X

  22. Zoe Guvenc says:

    Lucie Till

  23. Louise Loopy Fisher says:

    Sarah Owens

  24. Garry Culbert says:

    JACK Ü!!!!!!!!!!

  25. James Thurling says:

    Omar Addis

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