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25 Responses

  1. Chris Frappell says:

    Lee Byrne Cameron Brown
    U think I have a hope in hell of going again lol

  2. Kyle Wright says:

    This better be a hint that Biffy Clyro are the 3rd headliner…

  3. Lee Byrne says:

    Yeah why not you’re missus is a diamond!

  4. Josh Barker says:

    I spot Biffy Clyro

  5. William Carpenter says:

    Best ending to a reading festival ever mon the biff!

  6. Holly Powell says:

    Just think we’ll be here soon Lucy Bowery cheer up xxxxx

  7. Mandy Melhuish says:

    Ooohh Pete Eliot Lucie Payne Josephine Hedger Biffy may be the last headline announcement!! 🙏

  8. Lauren Moulding says:

    Cat Emily Plumridge
    Lau Morgan

  9. Adam Gibbs says:

    James Yore do you think that this is a hint that Biffy Clyro will be the 3rd headliners not GnR 😕

  10. Craig Lewis Edwards says:

    Chris Lee Powell Thomas Spowart

  11. Max Noble says:

    Matt Mills

  12. Vince Chapman says:

    Louise-Jane Paul it has to Biffy after seeing this?

  13. Vince Chapman says:

    Lee Mackenzie Richard James Biffy 2013 picture, it has to be them

  14. Poppy Gillman says:


  15. Eli Callon says:

    Cadan Kewn Big hint for third headliner me thinks

  16. Seb Rolon says:

    Alex Watts Joe Fernandez BIFFY

  17. Tony Morgan says:

    Mon the Biff … Great set in 2013. Would be happy to see them back in 2016…

  18. Eleanor Graham says:

    189 daysssss Lauren Labram Jade Sawyer ❤️❤️

  19. Emma Bailey says:

    Debbie Slater have you seen this x

  20. Michael Dunn says:

    Martin Hargrave

  21. Catalin Mares says:

    Lydia Wade

  22. Mark Taylor says:

    I’d be happy with Biffy. But I’m always happy. Interested in the rap act, would love it if Ice Cube or Cypress Hill was booked. Oh and please book Twin Atlantic again. I’ll still be going.

  23. Lesley Anne Chivers says:

    Kellyanne Tennick Lisa Watson

  24. Alistair Smith says:

    Tom Eades Fred Savage James Salisbury is this a biffy teaser?!?!?!

  25. Daniel J Brown says:

    Mash Noden

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