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We’re going cashless for 2000trees 2018! All points of sale will now accept one payment method: the chip on your wristband, which can be topped up before the festival or on-site, with any unspent money reclaimable after the festival.

Head to bit.ly/2000treesCash today for a chance to claim FREE MONEY on your account, and before June 10 to be in with a chance of FREE MONEY ALL WEEKEND! πŸ€‘

All the info at www.twothousandtreesfestival.co.uk/cashless-faqs

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🌳 3 WEEKS 'TIL 2000trees 2018!!!

🌳 How's everyone feeling? Good? Same.

🌳 Remember to check out our Clashfinder at bit.ly/Clashfinder!
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🌳 3 WEEKS TIL 2000trees 2018!!!

🌳 Hows everyone feeling? Good? Same. 

🌳 Remember to check out our Clashfinder at bit.ly/Clashfinder!


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Should have worked out how to put the damn ⛺️ up by then 🀬

Fancy dress?????

Zachary Richmond Solomon Mehegan not long boys ....

Caroline Gleeson not long now!!! 😁

Dawn Evans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I cannot wait. Not usually one to be counting down the days but i am this time!

Ahhh Charlotte Small we need to get organised 😳 xx

And 3 weeks till my 55th Birthday! No better place to celebrate it 🀘🍻🎸

Super excited xxxx

Curtis Ian Victoria Gingar 😯😝

Jonathan 'Ginge' Tipping Ashleigh Ireland John Cadd

Felicity Emma Paul Williams George Sweatman

Cat Brennan

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The 2000trees 2018 Clashfinder is here! Head to bit.ly/Clashfinder and get planning.

Apologies in advance for any nasty ones.
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Is it just me or is the clashfinder missing set times (are these still to be confirmed?)

Nooo haggard cat and Frauds clash 😞

Awful clashes for me :'(

Are SΕ“ur only playing the Forest? Please bring noisy guitars just in case anyone pulls out on a noisy stage!

What time is the first band on Thursday? Need to know what time to sent off in the morning and do not want to miss SHVPES!!

Marwood opening and closing (sort of) the festival. Lovely stuff.

Jess Jobling can we run away to here plz

On your list of recently added bands you mention Max Raptor but can't see them on the line-up. Are they playing and if so, when?

Bloody hell, Marmozets followed by Black Peaks followed by At the Drive-In. I can think of worse evenings.

Ho99o9 clash with ASWIFA makes me 😭

Turbowolf/Brutus πŸ™

Hey, hey, hey...wait. Dead! are on the old line-up but not on the Clashfinder. Massively gutted if they've pulled out πŸ˜₯

Sikth and Moose Blood??!?! How are more people not annoyed by this?

Moya Ruston sorry to tell you B but Gender Roles and Shikari clash ://

Kirsty Groves sure we ain’t going?!?!! Pretty please

Doesn’t seem to load properly, sometimes I see the stage times and other times I don’t. Seems to Depend on the browser.

Rebecca Looks good at first glance! Don’t think we have too many clashes

Pretty much sorted. Need some new running shoes... and the ability to run!!!

Not a bad outcome for me, some minor overlaps but nothing too terrible!

Thursday's Axiom Vs Main Stage is pretty brutal! Shame if they couldn't be slightly staggered πŸ˜ͺ

Samantha Howell time to do an o r g a n i s e

Fair play, very few significant clashes. Really well done!

Reigning Days and Ben (Mainstage) Marwood clash 😩

Wayne Costello clashes aren't bad at all actually. Apparently the stages are fairly close to one another as well !

Not one clash, cheers guys πŸ€™πŸ’ͺ🀘

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