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🌳 Long time friend of Trees, Frank Turner, is THIS *pushes middle and index finger extremely close to each other* near to a No.1 album! Help him out by picking up a copy at FrankTurner.lnk.to/BeMoreKindFP

Not just that, but it’s a great sunshine album. Which we’re gonna need a lot of this week… 😎

Note that the alternative No.1 is The Greatest Showman soundtrack so…ya know. Do it.

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more. My 7th album, ‘Be More Kind’, is out now. I’m exhausted, excited, nervous, confident, relieved and expectant, all at the same time, but most of all I’m happy to share these songs with you all. I hope you like them too. See you on the road. Listen now: https://FrankTurner.lnk.to/BeMoreKindFP

2000 Trees Festival


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8 hours ago

2000 Trees Festival

Very sad to hear that Scuzz TV is coming to an end! Wicked people, a stellar channel and a good friend of Trees. #RIPScuzz.

Check out their special from this year's festival at bit.ly/2DnlYbx
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Very sad to hear that Scuzz TV is coming to an end! Wicked people, a stellar channel and a good friend of Trees. #RIPScuzz. 

Check out their special from this years festival at https://bit.ly/2DnlYbx


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Aimée Elkington mems

Ah nooo Thomas

Ahhh i member

any idea why they ended?

🌳 ‪Got any burning questions for Team Trees? We're sitting down with a camera this week to chat about the festival, so if there's anything you'd like answered, or any favourite memories you'd like to share, drop 'em in the comments below.‬ ... See MoreSee Less

🌳 ‪Got any burning questions for Team Trees? Were sitting down with a camera this week to chat about the festival, so if theres anything youd like answered, or any favourite memories youd like to share, drop em in the comments below.‬


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Any plans to open the festival on Wednesday evening? Always super stressful for those of us who travel a long way to get down in time to see the first bands on the Thursday

Thanks for putting on such a great festival, I’ve come for the last 6yrs and it’s been great every time, I’ve discovered so many great bands! Will you be doing cashless again next year? (Hope you do, it worked a treat this time!) Any chance of moving the busking stages into the forest? They get a bit overwhelmed by the noise where they are. [obvious question alert] When should we expect band announcements? Oh, and book Gaz Brookfield!

Slushies. All I want are slushies I can liberally apply vodka to please. Thank you.

Can you book SikTh to play again next year as they couldn’t play this year? Also, any confirmation on a metal stage?

Where do babies come from?

I've got a burning question. If a commercial jet flew into a skycraper. Would the subsequent fire which was sustained by aviation fuel, burn at a high enough temperature to compromise the building's steel interior structure to the point of collapse? X

How come trees were removed from Forest stage? It's not as soundproof as it was a few years ago. Was it a safety/capacity issue? Still love the festival, but hearing Cave from Forest spoils the ambience a bit sometimes.

Where is the best place to suggest bands?

What happened to the gin truck?!

Campervans. If you're gonna charge us extra, can we get something for it? Water? Toilets?

Any dream acts you hope to book in the near future?

Can you please book Sectioned and Puppy. Thank you.

Please make the fancy dress theme magic

Daniel Roe might be useful for your assignment!

Erm, Speakers facing away from the forest stage would be grand so people can actually hear what's going on. And some form of instant toilet cleaning forfeit for idiots who play heads up on their phones in the middle of sets at the Forest? And er, not running out of cider would be grand 🙂

When will there be band announcements?

George Zac Mott Dan Hess Tom Ransome-Jones Sean Askin Patrick Stezz Swift Megan Sydney Tweed Chloe Simpson Got any Qs for Messrs Trees, Trees and Trees?

Trees is my absolute favourite festival of the year. Only festival I book again as soon as i get home from it! Every decision you guys make seems to make it so much better! Only comment would be: please please please bury the sound cables at the main stage ❤ So many people fall over in the mosh cos of the cables and it just breaks the vibe unnecessarily! Hope you're all doing awesome and I can't wait for Trees 2019!! 🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲

Why has no one sent me to bed early on a Thursday yet? You know I can't be trusted not to get over-excited. I need protecting from myself.

Will you PLEASE book Fights & Fires?

A massive thanks for the bands, every year I find new faves, enter shikari were unbelievable this year, would love to see while she sleeps back next year, and a regular lager ie fosters, Heineken, carling on draft for a nice cold pint, am not keen on beers etc, love the food the pizza place & pie minister are my favourites! and the ice cream is awesome! Keep up the fantastic work! Already got my tix, VIP for 1st time!

Could you not play Nickleback at the silent disco?

Can you make the silent disco less samey?

Will there be an option for cash next year as well as cashless? Incase the site internet goes down again. Other than that, this year was flawless.

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