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10 ways to win at Christmas

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10 ways to win at Christmas

What are your survival tips for the festive season?

10 ways to win at Christmas

1. Forget about wrapping paper, tin foil is totally Christmas 2014. 2. Snowmen are an integral part of the Christmas experience. But ‘what if there is no snow’ you ask. Well, then obviously you do this.



6 Responses

  1. Alex Edwards says:

    alcohol, lots and lots of alcohol

  2. Sam Elliott says:

    Stay in hotel!

  3. Johnothan Dugmore says:

    Bacon, lots and lots of bacon.

  4. Phyllis Barry says:

    Sarah Werrell any suggestions??🎅

  5. Sarah Werrell says:

    Wine Phyllis Barry and lots of it xx

  6. Scott Perry says:

    Get that kind of drunk where you wake up the other side of the campsite in someone else’s tent, completely naked and alone… no idea what happened on the Thursday night but it’s a good memory and a good ice breaker 😉

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