More names will be added to the Reading ’17 line up… THIS WEEK ️️️

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More names will be added to the Reading ’17 line up… THIS WEEK ❤️❤️❤️



25 Responses

  1. Alice Wheeler says:

    Ellen Hill

  2. Courtney Vincent Reynolds says:

    Jonathan Irwin Williams 🙌🏽

  3. Jess Hornsey says:

    Conor James Izaac Long Rosie O’Neil Arthur Noah

  4. Jessica Smith says:

    Rosie !!!

  5. Jordan Spence says:

    Eminem or Kasabian

  6. Jessica Smith says:

    Molly Charlotte Daisy Georgia who’s it gonna be !

  7. Nora Okba says:

    Camille Fasquelle 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  8. Toby Savage says:

    Oliver Moon

  9. Dan Iles says:

    Tom Hardy

  10. David Mico-Sherwood says:

    OiOi joe Joe Abbandonato Rhys Purnell Josh Joshua Gordon

  11. Ryan Dent says:

    What day you pricks

  12. Jay Setford says:

    Jon Shaw yes boy

  13. Geordie Ross says:

    Alfonzo Santos

  14. Jacek Rudnicki says:

    Hanna Tulin

  15. Rhys Morgan says:

    Ellie Williams

  16. Sophie Dines says:

    Hannah Louise De Thier WhAt DaY 🙄

  17. Lucy Bale says:

    Laura Strange ahhh xx

  18. Andrew Clark says:

    Josh Selby Louis Furlong Max Crowther

  19. Kieran Wiggins says:

    Mark Jiggens

  20. Amber Hancocks says:

    Chloe Martin

  21. Emma Sewell says:

    Chloe Winter Millie Stevens Matthew Bolton

  22. Corey Dowling says:

    Scott Munn 😏😏😏

  23. Kate Roberts says:

    Elleni Harding Lewis Roberts Ashley Whitlock Alex Penfold

  24. Jason Wren says:

    Jack Hawkins Jack Clarke Henry Uphill

  25. Tosca Carrara says:

    Martina Cesani

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