More names for Reading ’17 being announced soon…. πŸ€—οΈ

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More names for Reading ’17 being announced soon…. πŸ€—β€οΈπŸ™Œ



25 Responses

  1. Lillie Canning says:

    ChloΓ« Jade

  2. Jamie Kerr says:

    Gemma Given Jack Bramwell

  3. Ronan Clapham says:

    Ruth Morris Holly Spillar Katherine Long Chrissie Slot

  4. Ghosia Akram says:

    Charlotte Hatt

  5. Sinead Considine says:

    Shane Considine Daniel King

  6. Jaz Wiltshire says:

    Charleigh Armstrong-Chivers

  7. Robb Sean says:

    Annabell Cannings Billie-Jean Zini Dale St John Jaz Lewis

  8. Jordan Cross says:

    James Ennew Luke Renyard EMINEM

  9. Meggie Rogers says:

    Rhys Davies Jess Williams Katie Corcoran Charlotte Williams Emily Kriescher Melissa James

  10. Cerys Cronin says:

    Rue Chester

  11. Sam Wollacott says:

    Molly Deslandes Nancy Deslandes

  12. Chris William Piner says:

    Ollie Gardner Jake Atkins

  13. Emily Waugh says:

    Georgia Marks Sarah Fay

  14. Dean Sparkes says:

    Chloe Rix

  15. Matthew Sewell says:

    Rachel Brown

  16. Harry Gorrod says:

    Chris Kaser

  17. Lucy Ellen says:

    Jethro Tonge

  18. Shannon Elizabeth Nutkins says:

    Livi Salter Becca Hill Sam Ogilvie Matti Mason Will Finn Homer Isaac Orszag-Land

  19. Thomas James Clay says:

    Mia Husband Aidan Stewart Roxanne Alarcon

  20. Chris Allen says:

    Tom Rice Ashley Dwyer Scott Jarvis

  21. Daryl Morgan says:

    Patrick McGinty Anthony Purcell

  22. Sophie MacNair says:

    Luke Godward next headliner being announced next week

  23. Brandon Lewis Murray says:

    Beth Abbie George Callum

  24. Natalie Bonavia says:

    Amelia Davies Ffion Perkins Yasmin Cary Ella Truman-Davies πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

  25. Ben Rogers says:

    Sophy Wilkinson yay!:)

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