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Moovin Festival


We’ve sold out online!
Tickets still available on the door.
See you soon.
Moovin ❤️


35 Responses

  1. Full weekend ticket available.

  2. Ticket still available here too, willing to practically give it away at this stage!

  3. What time have we got to be there for the tickets tomorrow???????

  4. I’ve got a camper van ticket if anyone is interested…

  5. Lee Clements you can pay n the door

  6. Grace Lopez says:

    Hello, just wondering if there is anyone on here that is still looking for a weekend and a day ticket along with a camping pass, he/she should kindly message me or like my comment. I have got x4 available thanks

  7. James Eccles come with us tomorrow, we’re just going for the day till it ends c

  8. Eve Booth says:

    What time do you have to be there to get tickets on the door x

  9. Looking for x2 Saturday tickets

  10. Rhys Cole says:

    Looking for one Saturday ticket?

  11. Vickie Lomas says:

    2 weekend tickets. 80each

  12. Katie Denver says:

    Can you camp if you only have a day ticket for Saturday?

  13. I got 4 tickets 🎟 for sale

  14. Looking for one ticket for Saturday please

  15. Do you sell day tickets and howmuch? Thanks

  16. Paul Barker says:

    I have 1 ticket for sale can meet us around 1.30pm at gate and sort before entrance into event if interested!

  17. Selling one Saturday ticket for cheaps!

  18. Jane B Doola says:

    Be careful about buying tickets over Facebook not from official sites… every festival site has an enormous amount of scammers on there this year with fake or no tickets ( and stolen profiles) best off if your buying or selling to do so through a secure site egtwickets

  19. Eastfreaks says:

    Hi, who is responsible for your DJ Booking?

  20. Looking for 1x ticket x

  21. Got xx3 Saturday tickets for sale

  22. Ily Ru says:

    Looking for one Saturday day ticket (and can spot scammers a mile off!)

  23. Ily Ru says:

    Guy going by the name of Harder Patrick here is a scammer. Stay vigilant guys!

  24. April Ledia says:

    Would anybody love 4 tickets? Had a little misunderstanding with my husband so we decided not to attend anymore please send me a message if you’re interested thanks ❤️

  25. Anyone with a Sunday ticket? Please let me know 🙂 x

  26. Ellie Taylor says:

    Looking for 1 Sunday ticket. Message me please 🙂

  27. Hello everyone,
    I won’t be able to attend this wonderful event due to some situation. If possible there’s anyone Interested in my tickets, please like my post and send me a private message Thanks

  28. I need x2 /Sunday tickets

  29. Michael Wild says:

    Got two Sunday tickets for sale if anyone’s interested

    Edit: 1 left

  30. Lyn O'neil says:

    Interested in 2 tickets for today if anyone still has spares that they would like to sell 😊

  31. I have 2 sunday for sale

  32. Chloe Hyland says:

    2x Sunday tickets available 😊

    Edit: x1 ticket left! Going for £50, open to sensible offers x

  33. Lyn O'neil says:

    Riddled with scammers on here, be careful

  34. Amelia Fuss says:

    Hello mate’s anyone still searching for some spare tickets? Feel free to send a pm

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