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Moovin FESTIVAL NEWS: We have been awaiting Boris’s statement this evening and as it stands there is s…

Latest Festival Flyer update from Moovin

Moovin Festival


We have been awaiting Boris’s statement this evening and as it stands there is still a glimmer of hope that the Barn Party may happen on July 10th. Whilst we have to remain positive for the original weekend we are also working on a contingency date.

The show must go on ! The Moovin Barn Party will happen…. its just a case of when x

Thank you so much for the positive messages we have been receiving and for your support during these crazy times it really dose mean a lot

Rest assured we are working non-stop to make this years Moovin Barn Party & Festival extra special x

Much Love Moovin ❤


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25 Responses

  1. Sam Baker says:

    Are there any tickets left? Xx

  2. John Rollin Raynos says:

    Best of luck Moovin Festival 🙌🏼

  3. Nick Rowles says:


  4. Michael Lomax says:

    Was soo looking forward to this! 🤞🤞🤞

  5. Laura-Kate Dyson says:

    Moovin Festival 2021 we love you ❤ xxx

  6. Brian Streetin says:

    I hope so..been looking forward for this event..

  7. Amanda Jane Etchells says:


  8. Cilla Thwaites says:

    We have tickets and are hoping it goes ahead… Moovin Festival when do you think you’ll know? Fingers crossed 🤞🏼 x

  9. Joe Turner says:

    I’ll be a unhappy man if the barn party doesn’t go ahead 😢

  10. Heidi L Selkirk says:

    Adelle Tinsley.. just spotted this.

  11. Ted Hay says:

    Out of interest what is the ‘glimmer of hope’ that this can still go ahead on 10th July? I can’t see any !

  12. John Anderson says:

    Please don’t call him Boris. He isn’t your friend and certainly isn’t ours.

  13. Karen Fox says:

    Will it be rescheduled, or do we just claim back as had the insurance

  14. Richard Smith says:

    Moovin Festival can you let us know what the glimmer of hope is, and when we will know please? 🤞

  15. Toby Brown says:

    Moovin Festival is the 10th def postponed?

  16. Steve Olden says:

    What’s capacity???

    Under 4,000??

  17. Gaz Powell says:

    Come on Moovin, make our weekend with some good news!

  18. Ange Cooper says:

    Whenever it happens I’ll be there🙌🏽pray to the lord of the dance💃🕺🏽

  19. Layla Russell says:

    I can’t imagine the barn party can go ahead at the moment but you’ve said there’s still a glimmer of hope, which is kinda killing me… When will you know for sure?

  20. Victoria William says:

    I’ve got two tickets!!! Happy to negotiate price, don’t want them to go to waste!!

  21. Lucie Turner says:

    Does anyone have a camper/ motorhome pass for sale? 🙏🌈x

  22. Michael Lomax says:

    Anyone know how many tickets have been sold for this? I know its sold out but its much smaller than the Moovin weekend and other smaller, day festivals seem to be going ahead! 🤞

  23. Ted Hay says:

    Any news on the Barn Party please ? Need to start making (alternative) plans if/when we get an official announcement 📣

  24. Daniel James says:

    Sadly need to transfer my ticket 😭😭to someone, message me if you are interested happy to negotiate price

  25. Charlotte SonofJohn says:

    Please can you let us know your decison on this? Assuming it’s postponed but need to know if not to make plans! It’s only a couple of weeks away. Unfair to keep us holding on until the very last minute

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