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Moovin FESTIVAL NEWS: THREE WEEKS until we are on the farm, a place like no-udder….

Latest Festival Flyer update from Moovin

Moovin Festival


THREE WEEKS until we are on the farm, a place like no-udder.

There are a very limited number of weekend and day tickets available to purchase at Moovinfestival.com

Thank you all.


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5 Responses

  1. Jenny Taylor says:

    Can you please arrange for some nicer weather? Thanks!

  2. Maryszka Kujawinski says:

    I still haven’t received my tickets, can you please message me

  3. Deano Hannan says:

    Just messaged you guys. My tickets aren’t showing in my skiddle account because it was set for June when I bought them and Skiddle still thinks the event was in the past

  4. Mark Brennand says:

    Can’t wait see u in fields 💛💓

  5. Katy Brown says:

    Oooh how I’ve missed you 🐮 just hoping I can manage 2 days on the run.. I’m out of practice! 😊

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