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Moovin FESTIVAL NEWS: ONE MONTH TO GO UNTIL Moovin Festival 2021….

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ONE MONTH TO GO UNTIL Moovin Festival 2021.
We hope you’re all as excited as this guy!
There are a very limited amount of weekend and day tickets remaining to purchase at Moovinfestival.com

Picture: VooDoo Imaging


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10 Responses

  1. Susan Ryan says:

    Can’t bloomin wait!!!!! X

  2. We’re after a campervan ticket but they’ve completely sold out. Someone mentioned a while back that there was a farmer’s field next door which he opens up and let’s people stay for the weekend for £15, does anyone know anything about that, i.e. where it is etc and how far from the site it is??

  3. Stripey Moo says:

    Will be Mooovin on up soon…….. yay! 🤩

  4. Mark Feather says:

    Ironically his poo-vin’ ain’t moovin

  5. Pippa Jones says:

    Hi Moovin’ team, I keep messaging you on the site and getting no reply. Is there another way I can talk to someone please?

  6. Martin Palk copyrighted image

  7. I have a weekend ticket available as I’m not able to make it this year, gutted I am. Please message if interested

  8. Looks like he squeezing one out for sure 🤟💩🤠

  9. Hi i booked along time ago for the barn festival and paid ove £70.00 for them but never heard anything since not even any emails, so how do i get a full refund as never even got the tickets.

  10. I have 2 weekend tickets with camping available as unfortunately myself and my friend can no longer go. We paid £132 each so happy to sell for this price (£264 total). Message me if interested

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