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Moovin Festival



It has been two years since we did our first of two udderly amazing “Moovin- In Lockdown Stream’s” that were enjoyed by folk, all over the world…

This Bank Holiday weekend we are partnering up with Stream GM again, and the artists involved to re-stream both shows , one on Saturday and one on Sunday both starting at 11am.

Streams will be available to watch only via http://www.streamgm.co.uk and across the Moovin Festival & StreamGM social networks.

Tune in for the soundtrack to your bank holiday, this Saturday April 30th & Sunday May 1st 🎶🎶🎶🎶

Driven by an authentic love of mancunian music, culture, and the arts, StreamGM is a not-for-profit streaming organisation that showcases amazing cultural talent and curates live-streamed event

Afriquoi DJ Woody HENGE Herbie Saccani Jazzanova K-Klass Mark XTC Mr. Scruff Mikey Don Mr Vast Mr Wilson’s Second Liners Beardyman Big Daddy Kane The Hong Kong Ping Pong Club James Lyons Krafty Kuts Mr.B The Gentleman Rhymer One Tree Island Martyn Gong Spa Cawthorne


5 Responses

  1. Amazing!! 👏👏👏

  2. Denzil Ede says:

    Those livestreams were so needed in 2020

  3. Robin Rees says:

    Declan McQuillan think you might like a bit of this

  4. Cathy Im says:

    It was brilliant 💃🥳💖🎶

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