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Moovin FESTIVAL NEWS: Moovin Festival 2021 LINE UP ANNOUNCED!…

Latest Festival Flyer update from Moovin

Moovin Festival


Moovin Festival 2021 LINE UP ANNOUNCED!

We are delighted to finally announce the first acts performing at this years party. (Click image for full line up)

Join us August Bank Holiday Weekend as we return for more adventures in the fields x

Last few weekend tickets – http://www.moovinfestival.com
Camping – Sold Out !

See you soon. Love Moovin x


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26 Responses

  1. David Hilton says:

    HAVIN IT!!!!!!!!
    Can’t wait ♥️

  2. Jessica Jones says:

    Naughty by nature!!! 🤩

  3. Susan Ryan says:

    Brilliant line up! X

  4. Rebecca Rosenberg says:

    Here we go! Countdown on ! ❤️😍🥳🔥💥!!!

  5. Feenix Roques says:

    ..amazing! A line up to dance to! Yeeeehaaa…

  6. Oliver Drops says:

    The wait is nearly over!!! 😍😍

  7. Kate Ulrick says:

    Wahoo! It’s going to be awesome 🙌

  8. Jules Clarke says:

    Where’s Henge ? 🥲

  9. Ben Jammin says:

    Fingers crossed it actually happens then.

  10. Stephanie Milner says:

    Wow what a line up 👆 ❤️

  11. Si Elvins says:

    Stunning lineup. Shame I now live in Oz

  12. Jake Howard says:

    Any news on when the compstall residents are eligible to purchase tickets?

  13. Chris Doull says:

    Be there in spirit but not in body unfortunately nice line up by the way

  14. Rachee Renee says:

    That line up looks amazing. Jealous

  15. Sharon Brown says:

    I really do need a day ticket. Is there going to be any? X

  16. Dan Arndt says:

    Wow congrats my dudes, that is stellar!!!

  17. Holly Deer says:

    I honestly thought that said moomin festival and now I’m just dissapointed

  18. Willem Snijder says:

    Alleen in ouderwetse toegang dan .💪

  19. Kathy Wasik says:

    Anyone where is this at?

  20. Vinve Vega says:

    Once again Moovin have pulled off a top line again.

  21. Jane Neale-Hall says:

    Anyone got a camper van ticket for sale?

  22. Caroline Armstrong says:

    Im confused about my.ticket, dont know how many payments i made before lockdown with skiddle, but its showing i have.one?

  23. Katy Brown says:

    Can we have a fire pit this year?? Really missed that last time

  24. David White says:

    Any Saturday day tickets going??

  25. Feroza Khan says:

    I have 2 spare camping passes if anyone needs some

  26. Shafid Khan says:

    Hmmm I will think about it, got to ask the other half.

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