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Moovin FESTIVAL NEWS: It’s finally here, a long time in the making… Set times for this weekend’s MOO…

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Moovin Festival


It’s finally here, a long time in the making… Set times for this weekend’s MOOVIN BARN PARTY are announced. The last few tickets can be purchased at Moovinfestival.com We look forward to seeing all you beautiful people down on the farm this Saturday! *All tickets from original date automatically roll over* ❤️ Moovin x


12 Responses

  1. Is it silent disco from 12 – 2?

  2. Krafty Kuts says:

    Been looking fwd to this one 🔥🙌

  3. Can we set up
    Camp on the Friday ? And pay extra does anyone know

  4. Cathy Im says:

    So excited! Great way to celebrate my 45th birthday 😁💃🥳🎶💖

  5. Gutted DJ Paulette and Henge are on at the same time 😭 might see me legging it back and forth 🤣 can’t wait though!!

  6. Nikki Bass says:

    What time can we get in to set our tents up? ⛺

  7. **PLEASE BE AWARE OF FAKE TICKET SELLERS** We are receiving quite a few messages of scammers selling fake tickets. To be sure your best just buying direct from ticket company links on our website http://www.moovinfestival.com x

  8. Can we bring water with us? Was gonna bring a bottle and just refill it all day will take it home with me too?

  9. Does anyone need 2 tickets and camping…genuine offer. Good deal possible!

  10. Ah, so you weren’t lying to me on the time to ensure I’m on time Paul Fletcher Rebecca Rosenberg! I’ll start getting ready tonight as I’m not missing a minute of this! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

  11. Didnt realise there there was 2 tents stuck for choice now 🤔

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