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Moovin Festival



Ahead of this weekends festival we ask that all attendees take a Lateral Flow test 48 hours prior to arriving at Moovin Festival 2021. If you have a positive result, have to isolate or have had covid symptoms in the last 10 days then please act responsibly and do not attend the event.

As always our priority is safety for everyone on site. We are working very closely with the council and have extra measures around site to keep everyone safe please sanitise regularly and act responsibly.

Lets work together to help make the festival a safe place to party.

See you soon x


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31 Responses

  1. No problemo , everyone can do this 🌞👽

  2. Lee Dargue says:

    Do you have to show the test to get in?

  3. Can the test be from the Friday morning, if we’re due to attend on the Friday?

  4. Will proof need to be shown?

  5. Chloe Walker says:

    Selling my 2 tickets 🎟. Can’t make it anymore to the fest 😥

  6. Lee Dargue says:

    Do you need evidence?

  7. Do we need to register the result ? So we get a txt to show ?

  8. Ed Mitchell says:

    Selling my ticket either full ticket or just camping ticket. Needs to go for cheap as well x

  9. Moovin Festival are you expecting proof of negative tests and or proof of 2 vaccinations? Most festivals are requiring a text or email as proof or proof of vaccinations and cannot enter site without it…

  10. Ged Wells says:

    I can imagine a few thousand turning up without a test. And im turning up without . You carnt just decide a few days before.

  11. Cathy Im says:

    Great I’m away till Thursday night. What do I do?

  12. Anyone still in need of tickets.?should kindly message me… I’m selling mine.

  13. Everyone go to your local pharmacy get yrselves a box of latterell flow tests do one on yourself a day or two before Moovin Festival 2021 and it’s pretty simple if you are positive don’t come jeeez!!! That’s all they asking no proof just that we all take responsibility for ourselves and the rest of the moovin family😵‍💫😁😁🥳🥳🥳🥳

  14. Lynn Ritchie says:

    Is anyone selling tickets please need camping and festival for 1 or 2 people . Thanks x

  15. Gary Heaford says:

    Does double jabbed count. Can show my pass.

  16. Anyone selling camping ticket? Need one desperately please x

  17. So many scammers selling tickets!! Please beware! 😫☹️

  18. Gary Heaford says:

    How do you prove you have had a negative test. The NHS covid app is a pile of shite. Do you bring your negative strip along. I wouldn’t have bought tickets if you had to do all this crap.

  19. OG Khalid says:

    I have tickets for sale

  20. Stop moaning get it done don’t put us lot at risk weather yr an anti vaxer or not its selfish not to

  21. I have 1 x camper van pass, 2 x weekend tickets for sale. Collection only from Liverpool due to ticket scammers

  22. Will we not be required to show proof?

  23. Also, please refrain from sharing spliffs. Smoke it all yourself 👍

  24. Steve James says:

    Where do I start?

    Well, what I imagine has happened is that Stockport Council Covid Team has put immense pressure on the organisers to comply with their demands, threatening to not let the event go ahead if they do not comply. So from that perspective I can have a certain amount of empathy for the organisers. However, that empathy is VERY small.

    The organisers are NOT concerned in the slightest about your safety from COVID. I say this with absolute conviction because I attended Rock by the River less than 2 weeks ago and there was no requirement to have any proof of your medical history or to do any type of COVID test. If they really believed Covid was a threat then they would have made this a requirement. They didn’t.

    All the owners want to do is have Moovin Festival go ahead so they can run their business and earn a living. Nothing wrong in that. They have invested a lot of time, effort and money into this, they would probably go bankrupt if it was cancelled. The Council know this, and have been using this to push through these COVID measures. This is how it’s done, through fear and bullyboy tactics.

    This is the imposition of control measures on peoples lives based on an inflated fear of a highly exaggerated INVISIBLE threat. There is a word for that – TYRANNY.

    This will not go away until the people stand up and say NO! This is not about a virus it’s about control.

    A message to the organisers – It’s time to put your big boy pants on and stand up to the council. People bought tickets in good faith and you are now imposing conditions that were never part of the purchase contract. People are quite understandably selling their tickets. You’re going to have a tough time on the gate I suspect.

    A message to the people who are saying “just get a test, it’s simple”, this will NEVER end if you keep doing as you are told by the authorities. They do not have your best interests at heart, they really don’t. They will keep imposing more and more restrictions on EVERY aspect of your lives and when you eventually realise it, it will be too late. Your obedience is prolonging and enabling this TYRANNY. Remember it started as 3 weeks to flatten the curve and save the NHS. That was 17 months ago.

    A message to the people who have recently got COVID after the injections and think that it would have been so much worse if they hadn’t got the injections. You will need to apply ‘Critical Thinking Skills’ to understand what has happened to you. In layman terms, the injection sends a message to your body to produce SARS-Cov2 spike proteins. These spike proteins get into your blood stream and spread around your body and attach to your cells. The spike proteins are toxic and they also hinder the flow of blood at the arterial level, causing blood clots, fatigue, headaches, shivers… Sounds like COVID? Like I said, ‘Critical Thinking Skills’ required.

    A message to everyone, please don’t believe everything you hear on the TV, listen to on the Radio or read in the ‘News’ paper.

    Question everything, especially what I have written and then apply ‘Critical Thinking Skills’ rather than emotional feelings,

    …if you can.

    I imagine the organisers will delete this post because we no longer live in a world of free speech. If they do, it gives weight to my argument that we are living in a TYRANNY where you’re only allowed to hear an official narrative.


  25. Anyone selling a camping pass?

  26. Jay D Walker says:

    Lateral flow test are bollocks , and being told this is a must 3 days before is also bollocks .

  27. Moovin Festival can you please confirm what you need in terms of proof? Some are travelling a long way and I dont want to get turned away if I do not have what i need.

  28. Emma Louise says:

    I have 2 tickets for sale for the saturday

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