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Latest Festival Flyer update from Moovin

Moovin Festival



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19 Responses

  1. Ed Walsh says:


  2. Em Katherine says:

    Sorry to hear that…I hate the fact people are losing jobs

  3. Susan Ryan says:

    Bummer but see you at the festival. Much love to all involved. X

  4. Amie Warner says:

    This government is an absolute disgrace really feel for you guys. The rave economy is being persecuted as we aren’t middle class stuffy arses. Love to all the moovin family. Who up for a free party?

  5. Ste VE O says:

    So sorry and gutted

  6. Lee Owen says:

    Gutted but thank you for the info

  7. Nicola Johnson says:

    Lucy Natalie shame it’s been postponed till next year! Keeping your tickets? X

  8. Anna Maria Rossi says:

    Absolutely gutted but we’ll be there when it happens, oh and the festival too xx

  9. Nicola Johnson says:

    Much love to all down at the farm, keep going! 💖💓 x x

  10. Amy Moran says:

    Are you hoping to keep the same line up?

  11. Stiobhan Davidson says:

    What about our own Government breaking the rule, yeah they c**NTS who tell you what to do! The G7, and Thier barbeque?? Ascot. Wimbledon, Wembley, and their 2.500 v.i.ps for the final, just swaning in. Piss take!

  12. Luan Walton Coffey says:

    So sorry everyone see you next year 🙂 x

  13. Hollie-Roxanna Crowe says:

    Gutted.. we’ll be keeping our tickets though!
    Does anyone have any camping tickets for sale for the moovin fest in August?

  14. Amanda Jane Etchells says:

    Ive had to get a refund as it was a present BUT ive immediately gone & bought a Sunday day ticket for August! X

  15. Joanne Eckersley says:

    Gutted for Moovin Festival and all of us but ye tickets are staying in the bank and we will see you as we roll through the fields Bank holiday weekend ❤️🐮❤️

  16. Claire Jackson Howard says:

    Gutted not to be back with our moovin family sooner but roll on august x

  17. Jennifer Caudell says:

    or just defy tyranny and go ahead with life 😁😁

  18. Sam Lowe says:

    Sad news, but I’m sure you have all our support. We love moovin ❤

  19. Ange Cooper says:

    So sorry to hear this for you all!

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