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Maui Waui news: Who’s ready to go Back to the Future?…

Latest update from Maui Waui

Who’s ready to go Back to the Future?

Dub Pistols – (DJ Set)
Monkey Fist – Full band, the best music madness!
Pirate Joe & The Foreign Locals – Local legends!
Bedwell – Bounce the night away!
Lipstick & Wax – Cabaret!

As well as Maui Waui DJ’s – This will not be a night to miss, set in a beautiful old church in the center of Norwich, very limited tickets –


Best dressed wins a 2022 festival ticket – theme – Dystopian Future!

Anyone wanting to know if they have tickets via the crowdfunder we are contacting you all over the next day or so

See you there wonderful people x

Maui Waui


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9 Responses

  1. Dub Pistols says:

    Bring the noise

  2. Kelly Towell says:

    Sallie Wenden my actual buffdee weekend lol

  3. Rioni Slater says:

    Kerryann Poynter Sean Stracey

  4. Shara Mummery says:

    Noside Firmin

  5. Kendal Cullabine says:

    Aimee Cullabine Kevin Cullabine

  6. Nick Curtis says:

    Bedwell bits 💯🔊🔊🔊🕺🕺🕺

  7. Olivia Armstrong says:

    Brittany Leanne Dixon

  8. Shama Charmer says:

    1.21 GIGawatts (ya see what I did there?)

  9. Lucy Parkin says:

    Tanya Frankie Fox Seeley x

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