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Maui Waui news: WHAT A WEEKEND! – We did it! Maui Waui Festival 2021 – officially the best year …

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WHAT A WEEKEND! – We did it! Maui Waui Festival 2021 – officially the best year yet! New location, New times, New people and a whole lot of Maui Waui love!

Words cannot describe how amazing it is that all these people come together to create such a vibrate and wonderful show, the tireless work from everyone involved and the amazing participation, love and good spirits that attend. Maui Waui exists to provide a weekend where you can forget the troubles of daily life, spend time with amazing folk and experience great art and music.

I would like to thank the Bullard’s Farm Weddings & Events for welcoming us onto their patch and being a pleasure to deal with, they’re kind, accommodating and have a Maui Waui spirit that shines through.

Thank you to all the amazing crew that work from start to finish, the festival would not be there without you! Daisy Rayner Dali Cameron & Amber – DÉCOR TEAM! Whilst looking after 4 children….. The setup crew Swampy, Malcom, Paul Sims Tzaddi Zards Robson Green Peggy Golec Bertie Banham Aster, Hamish Horne, Alan Grithin – setting up everything and taking it down again

This year we had an incredible kids area all thanks to Kat Grand Jerry Tye and the HUGE kids area team that are too many to mention – you put on a wonderful weekend full of delight for the little ones and thank you for keeping all those children loved and entertained!

Big up to Electric Avenue – for keeping the lights on and systems pumping! Damian Goddard Christian Nelson, Nik Edwards, Nelly & Simon. Thanks to Mike from Setar for the generators. Noiseta Moriarty from Audio East, Ollie Riches, Ant Punt and all the sound and light team

A special thank you to Charlotte Hancy who I could not have survived without keeping on top of everything behind the scenes – and Holly Coffilll and all the stage volunteers who sorted out so many things during the festival. Big up to BAD NAN aka Carolyn Ashton our fabulous main stage compere. Thank you to The Flavour Parlour – Melanie Brownn & Paul Ivany, JJ Goodwin, Kelvin Reynolds, Saffron Norman Clanger Jill . The amazing new Outer Limits area – watch this space! – Stephanie Allitt Mick Nunn, Mary Newman & Gino Rtr Richie Ftn Longley Kyle Stockdale, Paul Martin Walden Hugo, Russel from Slack Banta Fred Carpenter & Sarah Cates, Mac Bierowiec Yan Bierowiec and everyone who helped make it happen. Thank you to Cosmo Hardy & the whole of foolhardy circus people team who put on another amazing weekend of shows. The new Jeremiah Marques Stage (Which will have a sign next time!) – Sarah Barker, Anne Steel for the running the Americana day as well as hours and hours producing the program, and PR work for the festival. Thank you to Monkey Business Circus for the great shows and workshops. The amazing Hamster racing team! Adam Amster and Emma!

Thank you to all the workshops organized by Emma Purnell and all of our traders, stall holders and vendors. Saving my bacon on the gate my hero’s Alex Banham, Joe Thompson, Alan Griffin, Tom and Flo!

Thanks to our amazing bar team – Firewaterbar run by Louise Render – the service is second to none, thanks to all the bar staff and keeping the site well-watered! Thank you to Clare King, café Chameleon for feeding the masses and Jos Maplestone Puplo Mexican for keeping the build and break team alive with your wonderful food.

Were you captured on camera? You’ll soon find out thanks for the teams behind the lens – Bomojo – Films, Video, Audio, Digital Media. Barry Burns & Cristina Burns for footage and Jerry Tye and his team

Big up the Security – Lipsec Darren Ives and team for keeping us safe and looked after – F.A.S.T medical team & Warrior Fire Rescue who spend the whole weekend behind the scenes ensuring safe operation and providing emergency assistance. Thank you to EA-CAT Assistance team for getting all the traffic in and parked. Massive shout out to Niki Dean and the whole of the stewarding team who kept the site smiling and smoothly running the whole time!

Special thanks to the litter team – Paul Wright and everyone who helped to litter pick the site – Cindy and Stryder for getting involved again and Joe Frith Burgess for stepping up and helping Paul till the end! Big thank you!

Thank you to Dereham, Scarning, Gressenhall and the local community for working with us to produce the event – I hope you see the event as a benefit to the area –Big thanks to Breckland Council departments for helping us to produce the show.

I personally apologize for the toilets – we have NEVER had a toilet problem like this before – we had to use new providers, there is a national toilet shortage of both units and staff, we tried everything we could to improve them. I assure you we will never let that happen again! Lots of things we know how to improve – this year has been very challenging and rest assured we are on it for 2022……

Finally I must say a dear goodbye to one of a crew members who sadly passed away peacefully shortly after the event – John you will be sorely missed by so many people – your smile stretched across the whole field. Your spirit will be with us for many years to come.

Next years dates are the 25th – 28th August 2022 – VENUE TO BE ANNOUNCED 🤟 And for anyone reading this all the way to the end……. LIMITED SPECIAL RELEASE UBER EARLY TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE NOW! Grab yourself a cheap ticket and see you in 2022


Big Love


Maui Waui


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28 Responses

  1. Jess King says:

    Absolutely amazing festival! Thank you so so much for creating such a wonderful space for people to come and be together! It was so needed after the last 18 months!

    Everyone had each others backs and it felt like one big community!

    ❤ My soul is FULL, albeit slightly covidy but I had the best time catching it 🙈🤣

    Thank you again for a wonderful weekend xxx

  2. Alan Stewart says:

    I do hope we’re relocating back to Peak Hill Farm.

  3. Claire Morgan says:

    Thank you to all the organisers and crew for creating an amazing event.
    Understand the issues with the loos but if possible could you look into some compost event loos for next year?
    Can I also make two suggestions, a healing area would be fab and perhaps a corner shop stall with some items like tobacco, rizlas, sweets, chewing gum, milk, bread, eggs, camping gas canisters, lighters etc.


  4. Holly Coffill says:

    Absolutely loved it! Thankyou for a great festival xx

  5. Jane Rebecca says:

    Well done Silas Rayner and all the Maui crew. We always have a great time and can’t wait for next year! Big love from Rebecca Ruby Flames- Freelance Performer HQ and all the Roots Renegade Family ❤️

  6. Sammy Norton says:

    It was amazing.. a proper tip-top weekend. 🏕️🎉🎶💃
    Thankyou to you Silas Rayner and all your crew for putting on a great event. xx

  7. Barry Ashworth says:

    It was epic indeed

  8. Sonia Lovett says:

    Fabulous!! Nothing compares to Maui. So much love in a field. 🤩

  9. Carol Shaw says:

    It was so lovely to catch up with so many smiley faces .
    A great escape , to be able to come together, dance and share love abd laughter . Definitely
    what we all needed.
    Well done to everyone for making this event one to remember
    Stay safe and smiley and catch you all again next year 💜 xx

  10. Kat Bear says:

    You smashed it! Gorgeous festival, so glad to finally make it back! And I don’t intend to miss another one now ❤️ thank you thank you thank you 💜❤️💜

  11. Elizabeth Webster says:

    Thank you, thank you thank you..my heart and soul are full to their brims with the music, the friendships, the entertainment and the love that Maui has once again delivered..there is no other festival like it..next years dates already in the diary..💕🎶🎶💕 r.i.p. John..fire spinning and back flipping now in the Summer land 💕💕

  12. Mitch Redman says:

    thankyou maui waui, my 1st time at your festival, my girlfriend is your no1 fan and now i know why.The musicians were superb, i was in awe of the effort and proffesionalism that they put in to such polished performances, loved all of them.The non commercialism of all of the independent stalls was a freth of bresh air, see you all next year😊

  13. Marco Sidoli says:

    A Massive thank you 🙏 Was an amazing Festival loved it ❤️👍😎

  14. Beverly Thomson Levett says:

    Thank you everyone , fabulous weekend from start to finish , loved the new venue , music , people all amazing , lots of smiley happy friendly people , great to see the site looking tidy at end not like the end of lattitude rubbish with everywhere well done to all involved , looking forward to next year xx

  15. Daniel Funnell says:

    What fun! Everyone was amazing. I had a blast. Here’s to next year! 👍🏼🍍

  16. SK Lala says:

    Thankyou from the bottom of my topped up heart, to all the Maui crew for best weekend ever! So many happy faces, same amazing super friendly Maui vibe, great music, ridiculous fun & shenanigans- lv the new site xxx

  17. Nicki Alice Tinker says:

    Lydia Chatwin Kelly Etheridge James Harvey I’ve just booked early bird tickets ! Xxx

  18. Chris Knowles says:

    absolutely brilliant, thank you Maui!!!!!❤️❤️❤️

  19. James Harvey says:

    Nice.. I’ll be there next year!!

  20. Chocalho Stuart says:

    My great thanks to the Bullard family for hosting the festival; quite a change from day to day activities as I said to John, the owner outside Flavour Parlour. All involved from Silas downwards do a fantastic amount of work for us punters to enjoy ourselves; I take my hat off to you all. See you in 2022.

  21. Damien Nichols says:

    Thank you 🙏

  22. Dave Jones says:

    Thankyou thankyou thankyou the 5th maui waui my family have attended and just gets better we have so many happy memories from over the years long may maui waui continue

  23. Paul Sims says:

    👍 + 🙏 to everyone in the litter crew ✊

  24. Agnieszkaa Hoffmann says:

    pozdrAA 🙂

  25. Steph Saunders says:

    Thank you Maui crew
    It was an absolute delight start to finish.
    Just so sad about Jon
    He will be missed greatly

  26. Sarah Norman says:


  27. Mena Der Fuchs says:

    brilliant event, lovely huge Maui family, love what you do and love being part of it x

  28. Kate Cameron says:

    Thank you to everyone who makes Maui Waui such a wonderful festival. It was our first time & certainly not our last…still buzzing from the amazing vibes! ❤️ xxxxxx

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