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Maui Waui news: This was an incredible performance…

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This was an incredible performance

Dutty Moonshine Big Band, Finishing off the Maui Stage on the Sunday night, A night we will remember

Big Love xxx

Pictures By Jerry Tye

Maui Waui


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7 Responses

  1. Simon Gravelius says:

    Awesome pictures from an awesome performance

  2. Liz Gilliatt says:

    They were great👌

  3. Maui Waui says:

    Dutty Moonshine Big Band Big thanks xxx

  4. James Lister says:

    Can’t wait to go next year

  5. Nancy Shilton says:

    Impressive performance, that’s me, my husband and kids at the front, such a great gig experience for them. Thank you DMS.

  6. Duncan Idahotion says:

    T’was truly excellent! <3

  7. Dutty Moonshine Big Band says:

    We had an excellent time, absolutely tip top and mental crowd!

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