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Maui Waui news: Maui Waui Festival 2022! We are back and returning to Hill Farm, Dereham for an …

Latest update from Maui Waui

Maui Waui Festival 2022! We are back and returning to Hill Farm, Dereham for an ever better 9th edition of the festival!

You can get your early bird tickets now, half already sold! So get yours now to save some £££’s


We look forward to seeing you all next year!

Big Love – Maui Waui x

Maui Waui


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19 Responses

  1. Sonia Lovett says:

    Woo hoo! I’m in! 🤩

  2. Daniel Taylor says:

    Becky England

  3. Daniel Taylor says:

    Love this Savvy Stylianides. Next year boi maybe without onion 😂😂

  4. Kerry Wright says:

    Andrea Graves

  5. Karl Garrod says:

    Izzie Lorenz… 😉

  6. Izzie Lorenz says:

    Amanda Willson Misty Moo Karen Smith Jamie Marks Dawn Marie Ford Geraldine Bates Micky Moo Holmes sorry if I’ve missed anyone x

  7. Sian Urbanhealing says:

    Jordan Gorbould theyre already out! Xx

  8. Jasmine Botwright says:

    Megan Simmons should we ? 😂

  9. Heidi Wright says:

    Debbie Lane? Round 2?🤪😂

  10. Carly Walton says:

    Mark Roldan 😆😆

  11. Lakeisha Holmes says:

    Freddie Griffin Samantha Nora Kerri Game???

  12. Elizabeth Webster says:

    Nicki Thom…get on this darlin 😀👍💕

  13. Sadie Smith says:


  14. Sharon Freeman says:

    Best festival I’m definitely going again 😊

  15. Jessie Bailey says:

    Tom Swing Gypsy Bond

  16. Shannen White says:

    Tracy Jane Warne

  17. Chocalho Stuart says:

    Fantastic new site, pleased the festival is taking place there again next year.

  18. Matthew Taylor says:

    Daryl Arnold 👌

  19. Gary Taylor says:

    Maria RT

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