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Maui Waui news: Just 1 month to go till MAUI WAUI 2021!…

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Just 1 month to go till MAUI WAUI 2021!

What was your favorite moment from previous years?? One of our best was watching Feeding the Fish do their incredible light show on the main stage back in 2016

But with so many happy memories and friendships made over the last 8 years its really hard to pick – Tell us your best moments! We’d love to hear them

Pictures by Jerry Tye

Maui Waui


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8 Responses

  1. Donna Marie Moore says:

    I loved the robot

  2. Jake Whom says:

    Far to many to mention! ❤️
    Can’t wait.

  3. Fábio Gadzé says:

    Hard to choose as Maui it’s awesome from the kickstart to the end but The Living Art Show Body Painting and Feeding the Fish are definitely some highlights of my 4 years Maui Waui experience! Gutted i will miss it all this year…

  4. Trevor John Moore says:

    Feeding the fish were excellent but Lee Scratch Perry was Top act so far. Looking forward to G L C

  5. Jeanette Lynes says:

    I’ve never been before, but heard only good things, so I’m looking forward to making my first wonderful MW memories this year 😊

  6. Jerry Tye says:

    Feeding the fish was awesome, great in 2019 too,, but a long time reggae legend, as mad as he is, was a moment for me, i have followed his madness for 40ys x

  7. Dave Williams says:

    Top photography 🤩

  8. Stephanie Allitt says:


    One of my favourite ever festival moments. Will never forget this

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