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Maui Waui news: Are you local to the festival??…

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Are you local to the festival??

We are delighted to offer anyone who lives within 3miles of the site a 20% discount across all of our tickets! To be able to claim this offer please message our page with proof of address (Driving license, passport or utility bill in your name – These pictures will be deleted and not stored)

You will then be given a unique code to enter on checking out on the website. With not long to go now don’t hang around to claim this offer! It will only be available in advance until 25th Aug

Maui Waui Festival 2021!

Maui Waui


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3 Responses

  1. Bob Cratchit says:

    Bollocks, already bought ours!

  2. Sarah Corbett says:

    Support small festivals x. We all need them to survive

  3. Jon Rooney Buckle says:

    How about if we’ve already bought tickets?

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