Just announced! Korn will be performing at Reading ’17 this summer ️ …

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Just announced! Korn will be performing at Reading ’17 this summer πŸ™Œβ€οΈπŸ‘Œ

Tickets πŸ‘‰ po.st/RL2017



25 Responses

  1. Tommy Paskell says:

    Adam Cassidy !!!!

  2. Clare Brown says:

    Oh well let’s go Lorna πŸ˜‚LLorna Gillies

  3. Gemma Field says:

    Holly Georgee

  4. Nikki Crane says:

    Scott Boyd!!!!!

  5. Carla Smith says:

    Rhi Rhi Allyson, don’t know if you like korn! But I do!!

  6. Talia Tester says:

    Paris O’Connell

  7. Kathryn Brackstone says:

    Now your talking

  8. Anthony Colligan says:

    Daniel O’Hanlon

  9. Charlie Devonport says:

    Simon Butchart!!

  10. Adam Powell says:

    Dan Brewer

  11. Anthony Colligan says:

    Jon Davie

  12. Molly Lloyd says:

    Danni Robinson Flip yeah!!!!

  13. James Burrill says:


  14. George White says:

    Are you serious?

  15. Poppy Rose says:

    Meg Skinner

  16. Sam Cooper says:

    Abbi Cooper lol ROKKK ON

  17. Liam Graveling says:

    Wtf?!?!? Thomas Sollars

  18. Harri Davidson says:

    Madeleine Rands Linda Davidson Helen Jones Claire Pearce Flynn Davidson

  19. George Betsis says:

    Giwrgos Mambo

  20. Courtney Jade Gibbs says:

    YES!!!!!! Jasmine Williams

  21. Thomas James Clay says:

    Aidan Stewart !!!

  22. Aaron Emery says:

    Alex Spurrell Nick Lockwood πŸ™ˆ

  23. Victoria Louise Denholm says:

    Andrew Denholm

  24. Cara Harding says:

    Courtney Vincent Reynolds

  25. Bradley Ashton says:

    Lanisha Newstead

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