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Yule can’t always get what you want…..

But you may just find….

Sitting quietly , listening to the beating heart of earth pulsate through the body. Each moment is a time to go back to our roots, to listen to that deep wisdom beyond the fear, beyond the ideas and concepts about why, how, what, when.

To listen to another language, a language of bone and claw, of hoof and bark, of star and sky, of wind and beak, of feather and paw, of scaled and woven. A language that is not confined to our time, our clocks, but is more ancient, more mysterious, more raw and terrifying, a language that does not deny or fear death, but knows that it is the inevitable price for life.

Maybe this language offers us a branch of wisdom through the darkness, an offering from the other world. Maybe it is asking us to value our lives and to really understand that this is it, it’s not a dress rehearsal, to look at what we have been grasping at, what we have been trying to achieve and what sacrifices we make, what we lose when we are not really paying attention.

The temples of mammon, the glittering prizes of the shimmering illusion of gold can’t buy us life. All the gold in the world can’t buy us deep happiness and peace of mind.

Outside crows barter with squirrels, hawk, blue tits, nuthatch and woodpecker all weave in and out of the seed offerings we leave for our feathered friends. They craw and hackle, tweet and flutter, they are panic buying in their own ways. A tawny owl hoots as dusk settles…

The world is always talking to us, if we are open to hear beyond our conceptual frameworks.

For we are the eyes of the world forever gazing at our own reflection.

Image by Marc Potts

This Yule/Winter Solstice season check our the beautiful art of Marc and all the other lovers and weavers of art and creative magic they need our support more than ever…




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