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Into the Wild Festival news: This needs to be seen and stopped…

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This needs to be seen and stopped…

Last nights brutal killing of 1428 white side dolphins was an illegal hunt.
The grindforeman of the district was not informed.
And had he been, he says he wouldn´t have allowed the slaughter to happen.

Instead another grindforeman made the decision, a decision he was not allowed to make.
It is on him that 1428 dolphins were driven for over 40 km.
He made the call for them to be slaughtered even though there weren´t enough people or boats to handle all the dolphins.

He allowed for a complete chaotic massacre to happen.
And he has been reported to the police by locals for this.

A man like that can not have the responsability to decide the fate of migrating whales and dolphins again.
The only right thing to do, is to strip him of his authority.
And to ban all future hunts on white sided dolphins.

We applaud the locals who are using their voices to speak up against this, and we ask you to not back down.

You can create change here.

Sea Shepherd Faroe Islands Campaign



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  1. Terry Lunt says:


  2. Wioletta Szutenbach says:

    It’s horrible but.. Nothing will do about it anyway 😢😢😢

  3. Francesca Beau says:


  4. Jinny Mills says:


  5. Amy Grima says:

    Why do they do this???? So strange!

  6. Aedelpryd Lilith says:

    My heart hurts….😔

  7. Bob Reed says:

    Location and what’s the real reason why you’re making it out like this was done for fun

  8. Rose Marie Griffin says:


  9. Anita Jensen says:

    What is he going to do with them all🤩

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