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Into the Wild Festival news: Pan Demic – From the Greek; Pan (All) Demos (People)

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Pan Demic – From the Greek; Pan (All) Demos (People)

And finally the great ancient god of nature, of the wild places, of the mossy brooks and golden hills, of the damp forests and hidden glades. The protector of beasts, of horned and hoofed, of wild lichen eyebrows and musk deer pungent aroma, swirls in through the ether, playing his deep evocative rhythm of enchantment on his bone flute, from beyond the veils, from the under and other worlds, he curls his misty eyed brow towards humanity once gain, reminding them of their tiny insignificant lives are mere dewdrops on the vast garden of existence. All their self help seminars and self important narcissistic endeavours are nothing but the… More

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