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New year Blessings…

The world hangs at a delicate balance, the scales of time pull this way and that. It is a time like no other, we are on the edge, we can see clearly or ignore, but only for so long. For now is the bardo of time.

If you listen quietly at dusk, before the hustle and bustle, before the roaring starts, you can hear the lapping waves of time, pulling in and out inside you.

Here is the whole universe purring, nesting, waiting for the first dawn, to rise again from the cycles of ashes and dust, for renewal to raise her flowering head again.

To invite you to this mighty dance of life. With all its splendour, its rapture, its grief and longing, its unbearable losses and radiant gestures, its inconceivable grace and ecstatic wonder!

Now in this bardo between the mighty tides of time, Now, just Now, is the chance to dive into that ocean of becoming and ask for what you really want. Not more things to keep you busy, not more objects to consume, but what you really want.

As the new year pulls you towards her, the genie of potential is upon us, the chance of the liminal, the unknown, the great mystery beckons us to wish, to pray, to look inside the cave of treasures that lie in our unconscious, amongst the shadows, amongst the secrets of our being. To become conscious, may be brought into this world as a gesture, a benefit for all beings, to balance the ravages of war and greed, brought about by the ego of tyrants and lunatics when it is darkened by their own ignorance.

To dare to open the casket of treasures that lie waiting, to bring forth and offer them to the world as a gift of our wildest dreaming. A sacred bundle of our prayers, of our deepest longing, our exquisite offerings, so the world can jump up and live again!

So life can be blessed, honoured for all beings, the wild breathing ones that live amongst the earth and sky, amongst ocean and river, that weave the great web of life.

So our lives become a beautiful river, a flowering mountain, an orchard of plenty and ocean of potential.

For although the names and dates we give are an illusion, we use concepts as stepping stones through this imagined time.

Knowing they are concepts helps us to be free of taking it all too seriously and becoming solidified around our ever changing identity, so we can move spontaneously and free with awareness as the compass, the map and destination.

Soon the concept of 2022 will dissolve into emptiness, like all stories. As we celebrate the demise of one concept, in preparation for another, 2023 is upon us, like a radiant dream, as these bodies move ever closer to their inevitable return to the great mystery.

May you find ease if things are difficult, may you find true peace if the mind is stormy.

May compassion arise for you effortlessly each moment.

May you forgive and let go of any hurt, regret or shame to others or yourself with loving kindness.

May there be less division and more wisdom with the best intention for all beings to live a life of beauty.

With that ever in mind, may your life be a wild and ecstatic forest for all manner of beauty to thrive.

May the rewilding of your indigenous soul be nurtured and fed by the prayers of snow leopards and manatees, by blue whale and kestrel, by jaguar and puffin.

May we remember all beings that stand on the edge of time, may they all jump up and live again!

Wishing all your wildest dreams be realised xxx

Happy New Year to One and all!

We have some exciting news for nature in the new year, come and join the wild revolution…[www.wildrevolution.com]

Leonids Meteor Shower over Stonehenge
by [Stonehenge Dronescapes]



5 Responses

  1. Maxine Hayes says:

    Wow after reading this and going on the journey following where it took me deep in my mind travelled through my soul and then arriving at the final Destination my heart I really do feel this New Years blessing in it’s true meaning and depth 🤗😇💞

  2. Claudia Elisa da Silva 2023 we are going!!

  3. Wonderful message ✨️🕊💜

  4. Seven years ago today you left us to journey on your next voyage onward, in a few weeks time we will celebrate the day that we laid you to rest at your beloved Stonehenge. Continue on your way Mummy, in only the way that you could X

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