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Into the Wild Festival news: May the 4th be with you!

Latest update from Into the Wild

May the 4th be with you!

The real force is love.

Always remember your true nature
That’s the only sadhana or practice we will ever need
Not who you think you are
Who you think you are will always get you in trouble
All problems arise from forgetting your source
From believing the story of the me
With a body a history a future
You have no future no past his story
It’s all make believe
There’s nothing the ego loves more than the drama of the story
But it’s non sense
A dream passing by
But who watches the dream
What’s the source of the dream
Who am I truly?
That’s the only thing that really matters
Once you find out
That your nothing arising as everything
Then what’s to lose
And who can lose it
As long as you think there’s something wrong with you
It’s going to be a long slog
Get healed feel better
Feel crap again get healed
It’s endless and exhausting
But imagine if we spent as much time
Resting in our source
Rather than worrying
About an imagined past or future
What beauty to know your self
What grace what joy what bliss
Even for a moment taste who you are
You will never go back it will become the most important thing in life to taste that which is infinite
It’s always here ever present
Lucid clarity, brilliant awareness
It’s the light of the world
And you are that
Luminous emptiness
All encompassing love
Shining presence
And you are that
The source of body and mind
Of the whole universe
Of breathe and beauty
And you are that

Never forget who you truly are
Even for a moment
Give your life to this
And all will be well…



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  1. Rae Louise says:

    Happy birthday Geoff Taylor 🎂

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