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Rewild your body and mind in 2023!

Step into the Wild and come along to one of the best festivals of 2023!

The world is changing, it’s time for a new kind of festival, for health, for nature, for planet, for our future together!

Last chance to grab a bargain and get early bird tickets now!


We will invite the very best teachers, leaders, speakers and musicians to create a truly magical few days.

As well as the amazing world music, theatre, storytelling, wild crafts, come and learn skills such as rewilding, fire making, den building, tracking, bird, tree, plant identification, bird language, natural navigation, archery, wood carving, Celtic blacksmithing, flint knapping, astronomy and star gazing, Yoga, relaxation and meditation, lucid dreaming, creative writing, wild arts, foraging, wild cooking with campfire music, myth making and storytelling with award winning kids area, camping, glamping and delicious organic food plus much more.

Unlike many other festivals who charge extra for activities, all of our workshops are included in the ticket price. Plus 90% of our wild crafts are too, and there is only ever a charge for materials when you make something to take home.

Our aim is always to be inclusive of all cultures as diverse as possible, beyond class or beliefs. The festival takes place in the beautiful Sussex countryside, surrounded by ancient forests, summer meadows, wildlife and starry skies.

The festival will be focused on what we can do to support nature, wildlife and biodiversity, where we can make a difference for all nature. Festivals need to do more than a bit of recycling but share a goal where we create positive change for both nature and humanity as we care for a world that is diverse and full of wonder for our children and grandchildren to inherit.

Do something wild next summer, step Into the Wild!


Into The Wild Festival



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