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Into the Wild Festival news: Historic wild camping tradition outlawed on part of Dartmoor

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This is the final straw. Enough is enough. The arrogant wealthy land owners who set up this House of lords have taken a step too far, whilst the wild animals die, their habitats destroyed and plundered by farmers and oligarchs, by multi nationals and their never ending greed, it’s time we stood up once and for all, now is the time, we can not wait any longer, it’s time for a Wikd Revolution!

“The High Court ruling on Friday has been seen as a test case for countryside access.
Dartmoor was the only area of England and Wales where under a local law there had been an assumed right to wild camp without the landowner’s permission.

However a High Court judge ruled this was legally wrong and permission was needed.
The case had been brought by Alexander Darwall, a hedge fund manager, and his wife Diana, who have owned the 4,000 acres (16 sq km) on southern Dartmoor since 2013.

At a two-day hearing last December, lawyers for the Darwalls argued that a byelaw in the Dartmoor Commons Act 1985 which enshrined a historic custom of open access “to all the commons on foot and on horseback for the purposes of open-air recreation”, excluded wild camping.

The judge, Sir Julian Flaux, Chancellor of the High Court, agreed. He said the act did not “confer on the public any right to pitch tents or otherwise make camp overnight on Dartmoor Commons. Any such camping requires the consent of the landowner.”

Historic wild camping tradition outlawed on part of Dartmoor

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  1. So f#cked off about this! Another rich knobhead getting what they want! So unnecessary and horribly entitled of them as well as another nail in the coffin of freedom of movement and camping in the UK 💔

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