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Into the Wild Festival news: Help badgers wherever you are…It is with great sadness that one of our members

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Help badgers wherever you are…

It is with great sadness that one of our members has reported the death of their badgers, they have given us and many members fond memories for many years. This is what they had to say….
“Goodbye old friend its time to die…when all the birds are singing in the sky…the smell of blossom fills the air…pretty flowers are everywhere..we had joy we had fun we had seasons in the sun..now the birds and the song like the seasons are all gone……….found Woodruffs body…we have been searching since we came back from holiday, and found our badgers were gone…..poor Woodruff..made it through all the bad times..lived a long life…he was 18 this year…had hoped his end would be kinder…it broke my heart to see him in a snare………goodbye old friend we will do our best to save some of your kind…. :'( I am running on anger at the moment..we are off again in a minute back to the fight…my thoughts go out to all the threatened badgers everywhere….we will keep fighting…they have taken all but 2 of our badgers…most of Woodruffs little clan have gone, we have not found the others…”
If this doesn’t stir you to do something to help protect these wonderful creatures, then nothing will, please join your local patrol groups…..



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