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Into the Wild Festival news: Happy earth day! Yet here every day is Earth, water, fire, air, space day!

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Happy earth day! Yet here every day is Earth, water, fire, air, space day!

Awoke in the deep blue clarity of a hidden valley. The wood and stone house perfectly moulded into its environment, an ancient way of building that expresses the relationship between man and nature over centuries of belonging to a place.

The silence, the simplicity, a welcome retreat, nestled between river gorge and a hundred thousand shimmering green pearls.

The mist curls around the hills of aspen, pine and oak. Greens of every flavour hidden amongst the silver clouds. Who gather and retreat amongst the cacophony of birdsong.

The valley has no time, no story, it’s just as it is. Each moment it changes, never the same. Fresh and vibrant in its feathered cloak of sky.

The forest is a symphony of cackles, tweets, rushing river falls, cuckoos, cawls, crackles, of earth, water, tree and bark songs.

There are wild flowers, golden meadows, snow tips of fresh flakes on dark pine horizons. The leaves of spring soft to touch, dewdrop pastures of life abundant.

Wild garlic and fresh spring ferns unfurl amongst the clear crystal forest waters. A dog barks, a cuckoo calls, perfection needs no one to do anything, just simply see it as it is.

Cymru: Land of dragons



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