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Into the Wild Festival news: Happy Beltane to One and All!

Latest update from Into the Wild

Happy Beltane to One and All!

May is here again,
as the first shards of Summer cut through the long bardo of winter time!

May all beings frolic in the In the
changeless adamantine sky.

May all recognise the emptiness of appearances that flash by in dynamic array.

May all diverse living beings find deep happiness.

May their fear and self doubt dissolve in the sky of spontaneous freedom….

Hum! Having reached the top of a high mountain,
One sees peaks in every direction,
By harnessing a wild horse,
One can reach any border

A bee gathers the essence of many flavours,
And blends them into a single flower,
A vision encompassing all of space,
Destroys craving for small sighted beliefs

In the pristine clarity of sky like awareness,
Write letters of pure awareness and wisdom,
Impart instructions for many diverse methods,
Sharing the essence in a stream thats unceasing




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