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Astrology tips for 2023!

You may have a tendency to do something or maybe not.

You may fall in love or you may not.

You may get a job or be fired.

Either way something might happen.

Most likely when life happens and one feels one isn’t in control, you may blame the moon cycle or the stars or others for any unforeseen circumstances.

If all that fails blame brexit, wars, governments, the left or the right, the up or down, the in-between, the illuminati, Bill Gates, fluoride, vaccines, Soros, the past, your parents, friends, enemies, technology, 5g, the wounded child, 4g, anti vaxxers, the shadow or men, women, 3g, those that haven’t decided, dogs, cats or frog lickers 🐸. Or the weather!

Hot tantric tip: You are not in control, so relax.

All will be well or it won’t.

Good luck 🙂



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